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Make your list, add to it often, weigh each item in your thoughts again and again until you see their validity and truth.

  1. If you answered YES to any (or all of these questions) you are absolutely not alone!.
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Speak them, claim them, and act as if they are yours. Perspectives rule, and you always get to choose what yours will be. It's not settling for less when you go to a job that's not your dream job if you choose to see it as a stepping-stone to "better," to see it as temporary, to see it as enabling the Universe to reach you in ways it couldn't otherwise.

The Abundance Matrix: Manifesting a Life Full of Wealth and Happiness (Unabridged)

This perspective alone will change how you feel each day, improving the opportunities that will, indeed, be drawn to you. Too many people want to be the next version of their favorite rock star, business icon, or sports hero—instead of just being the best version of themselves.

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You have what no one else has, you feel what no one else feels, and you can dream of things that no one else can dream of—seize this! It's why "God" chose to be you. You are sacred! Be you! And since abundance can come from literally any vocation, as you can readily see the world over, choose among the vocations that resonate with you and make you excited to be alive.

Something to understand from the mechanics we've already reviewed for bringing about life changes, is that: If you want change, you have to physically go first. You have to change, and that change must start somewhere. So, if you want to live in greater abundance:. These are two questions that deserve your immediate attention. Remember, knowing the truth is never enough to change your life; you must act on it.

This way to learn the truth about wealth and abundance! Mike Dooley is a former PriceWaterhouseCoopers international tax consultant, turned entrepreneur, who's founded a philosophical Adventurers Club on the internet that's now home to over , members from over countries. Mike lives what he teaches, traveling internationally speaking on life, dreams, and happiness. Read more articles by this author. Mar 23, Feb 27, Apr 8, Mar 20, Nov 20, Mar 28, Connect with like-minded writers!

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By completing this form, you are agreeing to receive email messages from TUT. You can unsubscribe at any time. Privacy Policy. Isn't this spreading the wealth and the love? What if you used your money to set up college scholarships for your children and grandchildren? Or to take them on international trips to witness firsthand different cultures around the planet?


Or to create a business and employ people while accumulating wealth for your family? Or, after a great run of 5, 10, or 20 years as an investor-entrepreneur, to incorporate your own nonprofit organization that brings technology, computers, and the Internet to underdeveloped parts of the world? Below are 9 steps to manifesting money: Step 1: Dream! Define your desired end result, your desired abundant lifestyle! Step 2: Visualize daily.

Step 3: Create vision boards, scrapbooks, post quotes up around your home. Step 4: Until you know what to do, master what's before you. Step 5: Do the obvious, constantly trying new things. Step 6: Align your beliefs with abundance. Name as many beliefs as you can that would support you and your dreams, and then Step 7: See everything you do as a stepping-stone to greatness.

Step 8: For direction, consider all you like and love. Step 9: Go! So, if you want to live in greater abundance: How will you change? And when will you start? Mike Dooley Mike Dooley is a former PriceWaterhouseCoopers international tax consultant, turned entrepreneur, who's founded a philosophical Adventurers Club on the internet that's now home to over , members from over countries. Popular Articles. Click here to view all articles. Want to write for TUT? Become a blog contributor! Learn more!

Connect With Us Mike Dooley. Click here! Jambo Fellow Adventurer! Join over , people and start receiving Notes from the Universe! No thanks. It takes not only courage to participate in an ayahuasca healing but also humility, honesty and extraordinary effort. Leading to an expansion of consciousness and awareness, Ayahuasca opens the doors of perception but especially opens the doors to a new path of profound spiritual transformation and profound knowledge of ourselves.


Mosquito repellent. Day 1: 15 September Arrival and accommodation within the day Walk in the woods. Day 5 : 19 September Light Breakfast Ayahuasca ceremony or in alternative energy ritual Optional lunch for those who do not join the circle Reprogrammings on energy money Dinner. Day 6: 20 September Departures. Comfortable clothes and a sweater however for the evening, 1 white outfit including underwear.