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To practice, use the "wait" command every time you let the dog go outside or leave the crate. Once you begin working on "wait," your dog should never be allowed to bolt outside or lunge out of its crate.

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When your dog is ready to explore the yard or leave the cage, start by giving the command "wait. If so, close the door quickly. Next, try to give your dog the command again. Each time you give the command, open the door slightly and close it quickly if your dog lunges forward to get out.

In the early stages of training, reward any hesitation. If you give your dog the "wait" command, and they hesitate, praise them and open the door. As you open the door, use a command that lets them know it's OK to move forward, such as "free" or "go ahead. Once your dog begins to truly "wait" when you give the command, make it wait a few more seconds before the release.

When your pet holds the "wait" command for several seconds or longer, you can begin to open the door a little wider. However, you should be ready to close the door quickly, in case your dog starts to bolt or lunge outside again. After practicing "wait" for a few days, your dog should be able to stand still with the door wide open until you give the command "free" or "go ahead" for release.

As a wildfire encroaches on a rural community in central Oregon , adult sisters Angela and Emma mourn their mother, who has just died in her house after a protracted illness. Moments after her death, Emma receives a bizarre phone call from a woman who tells her that their mother will be resurrected so long as they keep her body in the home. Angela swiftly dismisses the idea, but relents with Emma's persistence that they wait before calling authorities to remove the body.

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Emma covers their mother's body in a sheet and closes the windows in the house in an effort to prevent her mother's soul from escaping. Ian, the girls' teenaged brother, flees the home on his skateboard. He visits his friend Sam, and apologizes for rebuffing a sexual encounter they had several days prior; Sam friend denies the incident, and Ian leaves angrily. Later, Emma's daughter Karen questions her about why her grandmother's body has not been taken from the home.

Emma, believing the psychic's claim, explains that her resurrection will make them famous. Later that night, Emma finds Angela going through their mother's will. The two get into a fight when Emma realizes Angela has covertly called the coroner to remove the body in the middle of the night. When the coroner's office arrives, Emma lies and tells them that Angela, struggling emotionally with their mother's ailing health, erroneously made the call. The next day, Angela meets Ben, a young man staying with his father nearby, at the grocery store.

She later asks him to stargaze with her that night. Emma becomes increasingly engrossed in superstitions that she believes will bring her mother back to life, including planting marigolds in a cave and performing dances. She decorates the home with balloons and streamers to welcome her mother when she reanimates. Ian returns to Sam's house to retrieve his skateboard, but is met by Sam's father, who tells him he has left with the rest of the family to Portland. Ian smokes marijuana , and he and Sam briefly talk. Being celibate is not about manipulation, or trying something different, it is about having full faith in God that honoring and obeying his wishes will bring you the person you are meant to be with.

Being celibate will bring you peace. It will take away the shame, anxiety, guilt and pain that is often associated with having sex. Also, it will remove anyone in your life who is looking to use you but realizes that they cannot. I am very happy to have read this. This book is helpful in more ways than one Great listen and definitely worth buying the physical copy to highlight.

I love how this book made it clear that is not a Genie in a Bottle message but a road map to finding God's will and purpose for your life. I would totally recommend this book to a friend. This book confirmed many of my thoughts on waiting to have sex before marriage. While at the same time- it gave me more to think about. The wait is not just about sex- but is also about waiting and being patient in everything- and while doing so- working on yourself in the meantime.

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Become whole and learn yourself. I love this and highly recommend it to anyone else self reflecting and building a closer relationship with God. Be blessed. If you are already celibate this book may inform you about what is in store for you but it really is a persuasion type book for those not waiting to take steps into waiting. I think in that regard it's a great book. The verbiage is occasionally confusing as they address both Christians and non-Christians; so sometimes it takes a while to get to the point.

Second, I wish they had waited longer to write this book. Granted, God's timing is His timing and if this is when they believed it was to be released so be it.

However, I just feel that only four years of marriage, though they had many revelations during courtship and entering into marriage, I want to see and hear about the deeper fruits to come because I do believe waiting will bring more revelation to them once they've had some serious road blocks in their marriage. Everything just seemed too happy and I want to hear about a time where it was because of this bond they created early it kept them together. I also think they say how their experiences were without getting personal enough.

I want to feel like I know them after reading but I just felt like I knew the circumstances they were in and the principles they hold. Which is fine but not nearly as impactful in my opinion.

All this said, I look forward to what projects they work on together in the future as their marriage becomes deeper and richer! I know this book was God sent. I made up my mind that I was going to be celibate but didn't know how to go about beside not having sex. I needed this info.

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Powerful content and honesty regarding "Waiting on your God given partner. Thank you for this contribution! I would've loved to hear more of the woman's perspective. They did a good job though and it remained pretty interesting.

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I have been in an unhealthy relationship for about 7 months now. Before getting into this book I told him I want to go back to being celibate and he went off! He was only focused on him not getting any no more. I knew right then he was never going to be the one. I started this book last night and listed to the whole thing But the parts I did hear let me know its time to end this relationship with this guy. I have some work to do on myself before I'm wife ready.

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This book was so amazing and so inspiring. I'm about to listen to it a few more times to help me prepare for the Husband God has for me. Thank you so much for this book you guys. I really needed this. And I have a few more friends who need to read or listen to it also. Your audiobook is waiting…. Length: 6 hrs and 12 mins. People who bought this also bought Gaskins Jr. Narrated by: Tony A.