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After roaming for a while, she soon discovers another werewolf on her turf.

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After beating him in a fight, she finds out it's werewolf tradition for the loser to do whatever the winner wants. But what kind of dirty things does Written by www. But what kind of dirty things does she have in mind? Find out in this short but extremely sexy werewolf sex story. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 12 pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews.

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About S. My name is S L Hartley, and I specialize in paranormal romance novels. My first book, which is available right now, is called Vampiric. Who is your favourite female werewolf of all time? Have a read through the nominations, and cast your vote or nominate your own in the comments.

A Laity , academic, novelist and short story writer, author of Unikirja and Pelzmantel "It's really hard to choose: I love the Ginger Snaps films and shaking my booty to Shakira's 'She Wolf' but I have to say I have a real fondness for Suzy McKee Charnas' 'Boobs' which I was lucky enough to experience the author herself reading once. The trauma of her first period, despite the well-meaning kindness of her stepmother, seems poised to make adolescence a living hell - until another transformation occurs. I think what I like best about Charnas' story is the self-assurance Bornstein gains when she understands how powerful she really is - and not just because she becomes a wolf.

She frequently outwits both criminals and fellow watch members, and often uses her werewolf nature to solve crimes and apprehend perpetrators.

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She frequently puts herself in danger to help others both in wolf and female human form. However she is all too aware that in human form, people only see the wolf in her and while in wolf form 'people' only see the human in her. Angua exhibits loyalty to the Watch above all, stating after she's been kidnapped and Carrot fails to make chase immediately that 'personal is not the same as important'. Pratchett plays with this example of inequality in relationships and exploits the sense of loyalty felt by her wolf side to make his point. Angua is a many layered female werewolf who frequently forces us to examine the extent of prejudice in society, our perceptions of others and the relative value of loyalty in relationships.

She emerges as a she-wolf from the underworld, is shot by a villager, then treated kindly by a priest who tends her wound; and returns to the underworld thereafter. She is a very non-aggressive werewolf, who becomes both victim and beneficiary during her brief visit to the human male? The Wolf Girl was played by Danielle Dax, an experimental musician and producer. Nina in Being Human Nominated by Rob Shedwick, musician and songwriter with Th3 M1ss1ing and Digital Front "My girlfriend is a big fan of Being Human the television series, not the general state of being a human , and after explaining the premise to me of a vampire, werewolf, and ghost living together I was intrigued - soon to be marginally obsessed, insisting that we watch the first three series virtually back-to-back.

My allegiance quite quickly fell on the side of George and his girlfriend Nina, mainly because of their relationship as werewolves. I can't lie, George's gnome wallpaper was also a factor. Nina initially has a fairly tough exterior, probably as a result of an abusive childhood. She hints at this when she reveals scars on her stomach, in an attempt to show George she also has secrets and to get him to open up about his own problems. Eventually she does discover what he's been hiding, unfortunately during his transformation, and he accidentally scratches her - sharing his werewolf curse.

What I particularly like about Nina as a werewolf is the complication of her becoming pregnant, and the concerns and fears that brings about for her - much like any mother during her first pregnancy, she is afraid of the unknown. But, unlike most first-time parents, she has additional concerns like whether the baby will survive her transformation process each month, and whether or not the child will be a werewolf.

As the foetus is developing at twice the normal rate by the end of Series 3 , I'd say there's a fairly good chance that it will be. The name came first, apparently. But it takes a lot more than a gimmick to produce a truly memorable female werewolf, and Kitty delivers. Vaughn's fast-thinking, fast-talking heroine is a radio DJ with a nice line in sarcasm and a penchant for trouble. Kitty herself is a refreshing change of pace — she doesn't waste time agonising over whether lycanthropy has turned her into a monster, instead choosing to spend her time fighting the good fight and playing good music to her multitude of fans.

Granted, each film features a protagonist named Ginger whose behaviour poor Sam, poor Fort Bailey could be attributed to a mental 'snap', but I don't feel the films were really about her. Despite her metamorphoses she doesn't change much throughout the series — she's not even alive in Ginger Snaps 2 — and when she does act to drive the story forward, the catalyst tends to be bestial instinct rather than the growth of her character.

No, despite what their titles imply, I think the Ginger Snaps films are really about Ginger's younger sister Brigitte. Pale, meek, unsmiling, forever trapped in the shadow or haunted by the shade of her older sister, she's constantly forced to be the strong one, to think for them both, to make all the sacrifices and bear all the consequences.

In the first film, Ginger Snaps , Brigitte watches helplessly as her sister and best friend turns into a monster. While Ginger reacts to her changes first with denial and then with petulant hostility, Brigitte doesn't have the luxury of such emotional indulgences.

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She's forced to act as her monster -sister's caretaker — first researching the affliction, then helping develop the cure, and eventually cleaning up the carnage left by an increasingly monstrous Ginger. When her efforts fail, Brigitte's final appeal to her sister is made not with reason but with blood, and ultimately even that sacrifice is in vain. Brigitte's connection to the life she knows is irrevocably broken, and she doesn't even have the comfort of her sister's companionship to soften the blow. Yet when we meet Brigitte at the start of the second film, it's clear that while she might mourn the life she left behind, she's determined to move forward, resolute and unflinching in the faces of her ghosts.

Brigitte is easily my favourite female werewolf, not because of who or what she is but what she does. Unsurprising — Housman has been overshadowed for decades by her more well-known brothers, poet Alfred Edward A. Housman and suffrage campaigner Laurence. This also means, sadly, that her werewolf White Fell, who is one of the central characters of her novella The Were-Wolf , has also largely fallen into undeserved obscurity. It's undeserved because White Fell is beautiful, dangerous, and deadly, and is a refreshing contrast to the rather goody-goody hero who serves as her main opponent.

More than this, White Fell is arguably one of the earliest instances in which a female author has written about a female werewolf and used the figure of the werewolf to express 'the complex and antagonistic forces that constitute one soul'. Although not famous enough to be termed ground-breaking, the character of White Fell marks a significant development in the portrayal of female werewolves in literature — the moment when women authors began to utilise the figure of the female werewolf to express feminine concerns and anxieties.

I really did not enjoy the books. However, I am absolutely fascinated by the character of Leah Clearwater - the only and unexpected female werewolf in Meyer's books.

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Leah gets no choice about whether or not she gets to be a werewolf. But lycanthropy is not a curse for her - it's a sacred duty. The problem is, until Leah, this sacred duty has been reserved for strictly men only.

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As soon as she transforms, her outsider status is secured. The other male werewolves are horrified by the prospect of this young woman sharing their 'pack mind'. What makes the presentation of Leah so compelling is the utter cruelty of her situation. She is forced to share her entire psyche with a group of young, testosterone-fuelled men, including her ex-boyfriend who has now 'imprinted' on her cousin.

Her physical development is halted Meyer has said in interviews that she imagined the werewolf state halted Leah's menstrual cycle and she does not know whether or not she will be able to bear children. At the end of Breaking Dawn , when every single other character is paired off for a 'happy ending', Leah is left completely on her own. How does our teenage werewolf handle this cruel life she is forced into? With bitterness, anger and angst.

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No lying down and losing a few months like Bella Leah complains, grumbles and torments her male 'pack'. This is what I love about her. Who says the best female werewolves have to be brave, noble, self-sacrificing and loyal? It's an angsty and aggressive, pained and petulant anti-heroine for me every time. View the results here! Labels: female werewolves. Werewolf News 22 October at David Price 22 October at Meghann 22 October at HyenaDog 22 October at PDX Werewolf 22 October at Viergacht 23 October at Charlotte Davis 23 October at RES 23 October at Anonymous 24 October at ArcLight 24 October at Ladysmith 24 October at LadySilverRose 24 October at Rosehawk72 24 October at Jakk 24 October at Heather H.

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