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The Summer Issue Trailblazers Discover who's challenging the status quo in Vancouver. Teixeira, and others who created similar websites, were criticized for publicly identifying the rioters and were characterized as a second, online, mob. Much scorn was also reserved for those who were on the streets during the carnage — not just the people who were fighting or eventually looting, but also those posing for photos and posting them.

In a report on the riot for the provincial government, John Furlong and Douglas Keefe described social media as one of the top frustrations they heard about from those at the scene. Christopher Schneider, an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia's Okanagan campus, said many of the young people wanted to be part of history. What better way to document that history than through Twitter or Facebook?

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Social media proponents say its role in the riot can't be classified as inherently positive or negative — there are elements of each. It's benefited the investigation because we have an extraordinary amount of evidence, thanks to those in the public, those people who forwarded that information to us," said Constable Jana McGuinness of the Vancouver Police Department.

Lengthy, to some, might be an understatement. More than six months after the riot no one has been convicted of participating in it. The first batch of alleged rioters started appearing in court only last week. But images of what transpired that night, the anarchy in the streets, remain fresh with many Vancouverites. Harman Gill could hardly believe his eyes as he stared at the violence on television. His mother worked in the downtown core and he immediately grew concerned.

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  • Like Mr. Teixeira, Mr. Gill runs a communications firm. Once his mother's safety was confirmed, he, too, put his skills to work.

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    Within hours, it had swelled to 20, More than 16, people remain members, and Mr. Gill has also launched the realvancouver. Gill wasn't the only one to launch a clean-up effort — a similar operation was set up on Twitter. Thousands of people followed and still follow the VancouverClean account.

    Reading the Riot Act / By Michael Barnholden

    A revised Canucks logo spread across social media — the team's familiar hockey stick logo was replaced with a broom. It's unclear, Mr. Gill admits, how many of the people who signed up to clean the city actually followed through. It's easy to click a button to show your support, harder to physically get out and do it.

    By the time he himself arrived downtown, there was little trash left to scoop up.

    When rioters trashed Vancouver, Twitter fanned the flames - and gathered the evidence

    I love Vancouver and something gave it a bad name. I felt a responsibility to do something. Usually, when something bad happens people are looking for leadership. People are willing to join you, you just have to motivate them in the right direction.


    We are just average people — the only thing we had was we know social media and we know how to bring people together. For his efforts, Mr. Gill was one of several fans honoured by the Canucks organization.

    RIOT FOOD HERE « Henry Tsang

    He received tickets to a game earlier this season. Vancouverites who rent spare rooms to short-term guests say negative attitudes towards hosts who rent out entire homes should not apply to them. But Downtown Eastside…. About Contact.

    Why are the British Always Rioting?

    Occupy Vancouver in front of the Art Gallery.