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Joseph P. Hollbrook , Key: D. Aberystwyth [. Joseph Parry , Key: Em. Timeless Truths Free Online Library. Timeless Truths Free Online Library books, sheet music, midi, and more. Welcome About Search Help. When I was in Junior High School, my town was rocked by a tornado. All up and down the street there was damage.

Strangely though, what I remember most was the moments immediately after the storm. It had been loud, scary, and uncertain. When the sirens stopped, we went outside to see a clear sky with more brilliance than I had ever witnessed at that moment. My entire neighborhood survived the storm. However, we were not all the same people.

A modern take on the classic hymn

The storm changed us. Suddenly, it was more important to visit the guy living next door than to watch television news. Old feuds disappeared. We actually learned the names of neighbors that we had previously only seen in passing. The storm helped us to focus on what was really important. Memories will last longer than stuff. Friends will attend your funeral, not your new car, or even your home. The storm caused us to get to know each other. The people of that season and place, connected at a soul level that is almost indescribable.

Fear often keeps us from rocking the boat. Consider that when the boat gets rocked, there is an adventure waiting to happen.


Stories will be told. When my kids were small, we went on a float trip on an early spring morning. We had taken countless trips, but this one was memorable. Everyone got settled into the canoe. Three kids, two adults, ready to experience nature and adventure. Less than 10 minutes into the trip, the canoe got turned sideways and dumped us all out into the cold river.

It is well with my soul - Stuart Townend

After I came out of the water, I looked desperately for my children. My wife was holding onto the youngest. The other two were swimming toward the shore. I went to them and ensured they were all alright.

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  • My oldest daughter had rescued her water bottle by tying it to her life jacket. The youngest gave his mother credit for saving his life, and the middle child was laughing as he got to a spot where he could stand up.

    Modern Talking - Youre my heart youre my soul (Storm DJs Remix) [No Copyright]

    We all survived. Fear had kept us from really hearing our souls cry. Challenge the status quo and experience the adventure. Yes, you might get hurt — or worse. But you will know that you are really living according to the REAL you. Your soul is in color and filled with life.

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    What are you doing living in gray and death? When you take the time to listen to your soul, you will discover more than you ever knew. You will discover the true YOU. This is who you were designed to be by your Creator. The world needs more people who are fully alive. Will you join us in the world of the living? Your email address will not be published. Connect with us. Wilderness Experience There is something healing that happens to the soul when you get out of the public and into nature.

    Put down the electronics. Enjoy the storm. Become the Storm Fear often keeps us from rocking the boat. Are you ready to listen to your soul? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.