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A vivid glimpse of the depression years as told by someone who lived it and remembers the smallest details, amazing!.

You take the journey with Bert as if you were riding along with him in his shirt pocket taking in all the sights and sounds,the ups and downs, you can picture it all, that is this author's gift. Today's generation could do well by reading this book, learn what it is to live within your means and the value of family and friends who pull together to get through tough times.

It was a simple life yet difficult, surviving with only basics, no modern conveniences or government handouts such as there are today. I believe that all who read this that did not live through the depression will come away with a new respect for those that weathered the storm, I know I did. Thank you for memories and your service to our country Corporal Clayton, excellent job! One person found this helpful. There was a problem loading comments right now.

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Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. Although I have never met Bert, I have followed his efforts with the Fith Marine Division Association and have become one of his admirers. When I received my copy of his book last week, I browsed through it and was tempted to skip over much of it's content and begin with Bert's days in the Corps. But for some unknown reason, I decided to begin with the beginning. During the first twenty or thirty pages, I found the book to be quite boring, and I was tempted to skip to his Marine Corps days. Reading on for a few pages, I began to realize what was unfolding, and my disinterest turned into a deep desire to read more.

I, too, am an Iwo Jima Marine. There is no such thing as a x-Marine or former Marine. I am Bert's junior by six months. Bert grew up a "city boy" in the midwest, and I spent my early years in the deep South as a farm boy. As I read story after story, almost every one of his stories reminded me of a similar event in my own life. I began to realize that this South Georgia hay seed was more similiar to that midwest "city boy" than he was disimilar.

I read through lunch and dinner, closing after reading page after am the next morning. If you are from my generation, your mind will begin to recollect many things that had slipped into the recesses of your mind over the last 80 plus years. If you are from the younger generation, you will understand us better if you will take time to read this outstanding book.

It is worth losing sleep to read. Have'nt read yet, but awaiting a great story when I do. Uncle Allen Bert Clayton was my favorite uncle. Format: Paperback. In describing his 's childhood in vivid detail, Bert Clayton has not just preserved the history of his own family for his grandchildren, which was his stated intent. He has blessed the relatives of all those young men who were casualties of World War II, the guys who did not come home to marry, father kids, find careers and attend reunions of their military divisions.

Most of those heroes had childhood and adolescent experiences so much like Mr. Clayton's own, that if the men could read "Cocky's Boy", on every page they would be exclaiming "Hell, I remember doing that! My dad went through that too! My Mom always said that! My teacher pulled that one on us! How do I know? Because my big surprise was that even though my own boyhood came exactly 20 years after Bert's, my life in the 's was much more like his than it was different. I too came from a family of renters, with only one parent working out of the home, and usually toiling at two jobs a week just to live paycheck to paycheck.

We never had a car less than six years old, and most of them ten years old by the time they joined the family.

Local boy saves millions from starving, becomes president

Thousands accepted the offer, but thousands more remained encamped across the Potomac from central Washington in a ramshackle shantytown, dubbed "Hooverville. A riot broke out and Hoover ordered that federal troops be dispatched to contain the veterans. The commanding general, Douglas MacArthur , did much more than "contain", however, and ordered the use of tear gas, tanks, and bayonets, and commanded soldiers to set fire to the veterans' shacks.

Several veterans and even an infant were killed in the chaos. Herbert Hoover never publicly criticized the general for his excessive conduct, and thus the American people blamed the president as well as MacArthur. Herbert Hoover was defeated by Franklin D.

Roosevelt in the Election of Only six of the 48 states voted for Hoover. Hoover and Roosevelt did not get along. Hoover strongly opposed Roosevelt's New Deal legislation, in which the federal government assumed responsibility for the welfare of the nation by maintaining a high level of economic activity - providing for the unemployed and elderly, prohibiting anti-social business practices, protecting natural resources, and developing the Tennessee Valley and other largely undeveloped regions. Roosevelt never consulted Hoover, nor did he involve him in government in any way during his presidential term.

For all of his humanitarian efforts, Hoover is still seen by many as the most unpopular president in American history.

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The public, and especially the Democratic party, blamed Hoover for the Great Depression. He was so unpopular in fact, that presidential nominee Alfred M. Landon did not even want Hoover to give speeches in his behalf. Few Republicans wanted Hoover involved in party politics because of his negative image in the popular mind. A second chance at public service. In Hoover traveled to 38 countries, documented food needs, located surpluses, and arranged food shipments to countries in need. In , President Truman appointed Hoover the chairman of the Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government, whose job it was to cut government waste and improve efficiency.

The Cold War Continues []

Hoover spent the last years of his life writing several books, including American Epic , about relief movements in Europe, The Ordeal of Woodrow Wilson , about former president Wilson's experience in working on the Treaty of Versailles , plus an unpublished manuscript about failures in American foreign policy, called Freedom Betrayed.

Beginning in the s, Hoover's reputation began to improve. Most now argue that Hoover, in reality, could have done little to prevent or solve the Depression. He died there at the age of 90 on October 20, He was buried in his birthplace in West Branch, Iowa. More than 75, people attended the funeral service. Quotes by Herbert Hoover. Regarding Great Depression While the crash only took place six months ago, I am convinced that we have now passed the worst and with continuity of effort we shall rapidly recover.

Address to the United States Chamber of Commerce, May 1, Regarding Great Depression If, by the grace of God, we have passed the worst of this storm, the future months will be easy.

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  • If we shall be called upon to endure more of this period, we must gird ourselves for even greater effort, for today we are writing the introduction to the future history of civilization in America. The question is whether that history shall be written in terms of individual responsibility, and the capacity of the Nation for voluntary cooperative action, or whether it shall be written in terms of futile attempt to cure poverty by the enactment of law, instead of the maintained and protected initiative of our people. Speech at the Gridiron Club, Regarding National Debt Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.

    Speech in Regarding Election of Older men declare war.

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    But it is youth that must fight and die. And it is youth who must inherit the tribulation, the sorrow and the triumphs that are the aftermath of war. July A cotton sharecropper with his family at their home in Hale County, Ala. A family of migrant workers fleeing from the drought in Oklahoma camp by the roadside in Blythe, Calif. Cotton pickers in Arkansas. Thirty-two-year-old Florence Owens Thompson with three of her seven children at a pea pickers' camp in Nipomo, Calif. March An unemployed man holds a sign voicing his frustrations.

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    A large group of people wait on a food line in New York City. The children of a migrant family living in a trailer in the middle of a field south of Chandler, Ariz. An old woman receives her Thanksgiving ration of food as other hungry people wait in line for the same. New York City. Police arrest two men during the Harlem riots of Bettmann Archive; Ryan Stennes.

    A poor mother stands with her two children in Oklahoma. Circa s.