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To learm more about this program visit www. View All. Broad Street. Ariadna is beloved by almost everyone. The first six evicted houseguests have been very busy on their phones and a social media battle has broken out between them. After viewing each battle, the players must correctly choose which Statement is incorrect.

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Ross, Mark and Marissa tied and were forced into a tie-breaker. Marissa was leading until the final question and blew it! After the tie-breaker, Marissa won anyways! The wise choice would be Mark.

In just moments, the jury cast their vote for the winner. Shannon was hoping Ross and Marissa would be joining the jury. James was hoping Mark made it to the end.

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Time for questions! Marissa said she was genuine in everything she expressed throughout the game. She has a big smile on her face as if to say these two are full of B-S. Marissa basically then gave Ross credit for all the ideas between the duo. It was a terrible plea to win. Ross brilliantly articulated why he deserves to win. He played hard and he played with compassion. Who will win? Potentially bitter jury? Metta proved why he is the worst to player in the game by closing his eyes and just picking a random key from his bag.

This may actually be a closer vote than I initially thought it would be. She was disappointed that Ross and Marissa stabbed her in the back. She still seems upset about it and has tears in her eyes. Too bad he may not have voted for him to win! Mark voted for Ross. Ariadna voted for Marissa. Omarosa voted for Marissa.

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James voted for Marissa. Brandi voted for Ross.

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  • Metta voted for Ross. Shannon voted for Marissa. Keshia voted for Marissa. Chuck voted for Marissa. What a shocking finale! There are no undeserving winners in my opinion.