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He subsequently made enemies in Posen by sending a series of scandalous caricatures for distribution at a masquerade ball, and his appointment was on this account changed to a councillorship at Plozk, where, having married ere this time, he spent two years in retirement, studying in his leisure hours the theory of music, translating Italian poetry, and sketching plans for future literary work; but in , again in favour at headquarters, he was transferred as councillor to Warsaw. There he found a true friend in Hitzig, his colleague, and made the acquaintance of Werner, at whose request he set music to some parts of the Kreuz an der Ostsee.

For some time he lingered in Warsaw; but in the spring of , having recovered from a fever to find himself almost penniless, he returned to Berlin to seek some means of livelihood. His only child died in Posen while he was in Berlin; and, though he succeeded in obtaining the post of music-director to the Bamberg theatre, the theatre soon after became bankrupt, and Hoffmann was once more destitute. He now found occasional employment as a composer of operatic music, and, as a last resource, attempted authorship. The misery of his condition was enhanced by his wife's illness and his own light-hearted recklessness.

The money which he inherited at the death of his uncle did not suffice to pay his debts; and he had been reduced to selling his last coat for food when his friends obtained for him the post of music-director to another theatrical company, performing alternately at Dresden and Leipsic. In appeared his Vision auf der Schlachtfelde von Dresden ; and in the same year, on the fall of Napoleon, he returned to Berlin, and was reinstated in the legal profession.

Two years later he was appointed councillor in the supreme court, and from that time enjoyed a good income, a dignified position, and the society of his best friends. These followed each other in quick succession. It was performed with success in Berlin; but the music was lost in the subsequent destruction of the opera-house by fire. Hoffmann's prospects in Berlin were ruined by the old habit of intemperance, which had grown upon him during the years of his poverty.

We are told that his legal duties were scrupulously performed, and that the remainder of his day was spent in literary work, but that, when this was over, he avoided refined society, and his nights became a series of wild pothouse revels. His health soon gave way; and, after intense suffering from spinal paralysis, he died at Berlin, July 24, Der Feind , his last work, remained unfinished.

Aesthetics of the Puppet – European Romanticism to the Avant-Garde

His works often combined realism and fantasy; he illuminates the darker side of the human spirit found behind the hypocritical harmony of bourgeouis life. His father was an Advokat and E. He was transferred to Plotzk Poland. In he moved again to Berlin, where he could further his talent as an artist and writer. Since he held a position at the Kammergericht, the chamber court.

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After how this one ended OMG I have a feeling that one will be brilliant because Nate's story is destined to be amazing!!!!!! I swear I was every time he gave her his predatory smile when she challenged him!!!! Are you planning to beg? Something propelled her face-first into danger… Sometimes the reward was worth the risk.

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Nimble fingers flicked open her bra. Legs" "He bent over her, his mouth at her ear. I like that even better. For the first time, he let his mask slip so she could see the predator the government had created. The simple words from the deep voice with just enough of an order instantly made her wet. The breathlessness of her voice may have ruined her defiance.

His index finger slid out and slowly circled her clit. The fierce line of his cock pulsed against her butt. He wasn't a guy that stuck around. How am I only discovering the awesome that is this author now? What a thrill ride. I'm a huge fan of a good romantic suspense, and this book had it all; action, suspense, and enough steam to set your ovaries on fire. Not to mention a captivating and enthralling story. I may have done things a bit backwards and read this without reading boo 5 Action Packed and Super Steamy Stars The man was as wounded as a man could be and as temporary as a storm.

I may have done things a bit backwards and read this without reading book 1 first, but it did not diminish my enjoyment of it even a little bit. But I do now plan to go back and read the first book and I'm sitting on pins and needles in anticipation of the 3rd book. Matt Dean is a man on the run, he's also a man on a mission. After escaping the facility where he and his brothers were genetically engineered and raised to be the perfect soldiers and killers, his mission brings him to Charmed, Idaho.

Knowing that his time is running out with a deadly chip that was surgically implanted in his spine, he's determined to find the doctor responsible and save himself and his brothers. Arriving in Charmed he lands a job at a local bar. But the one thing he doesn't expect is his fiery attraction to the bar's owner, Laney Jacobs. Laney is running from her own past demons and the last thing she needs is the distraction of her attraction to the sexy soldier. As secrets become unraveled, can Laney and Matt survive long enough to save each other?

If you like super sexy commando alpha men, you need to read this book. Lord but Matt made me swoon. From the very first I knew he would be a hero that I'd be lusting after, and boy but he did not disappoint. You don't want to hit me. I ask you, what woman in her right mind can resist sweet talk like that? Not this one, that's for damn sure. And Laney was no exception. I loved Laney's character.

She was strong, yet in a somewhat understated way. She fought for what she thought was right, and I really enjoyed the way she cared for Matt. This book was such a thrill ride, filled with twists and turns that I never saw coming. Throw in a crazy serial killer into the mix, and you have the recipe for one amazing action filled ride. The romance between Laney and Matt went from a slow burn to an inferno in no time flat.

The one thing I really enjoyed was the the romance never overshadowed the story, but yet it was the perfect icing on the cake.

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And let me tell you IT. Rebecca Zanetti can write one hell of a love scene. This girl was certainly not left disappointed, but begging for more of the Dean brothers.

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Matt was protective, sexy, broody, everything I love in a hero. Laney was a fantastic heroine as well. There was not one part I didn't like. My only complaint is that it was over and I wanted more. It looks to be the best one yet. If you love action packed and super steamy romantic suspense, do not pass this book up. This is definitely going on my auto-buy series list. View all 26 comments. This book was even better than the first. Here, I thought Shane was smoking hot, well now, Matt has totally taken his place. Laney Jacobs owns a bar, in which she bartends in the small town of Charmed, Idaho.

She is happy with her life in this quaint town and cares about most of the people in it. Then Matt comes into her bar looking for employment. She is attracted to him. She tries to fight it and keep things professional, but it gets harder and harder. He seems to possess all that she craves.

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Things can just be temporary between them. That's what they think when they finally give in to their attraction. She has a secret of her own. One I slightly suspected but kept changing my mind about. She was strong for the most part, but every heroine needs a hero to protect her. That's what Laney got in Matt. She would fight to protect those important to her, but also loved feeling safe in Matt's arms.

I loved her for going out to get what she wants, and she did just that with Matt. She challenged Matt, and the results of challenging him were freaking HOT!

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So, I liked her for that alone, for making his sexy beast come out. Matt has always been really protective of his brothers. He felt responisble for their well being.

E. T. A. Hoffmann

After losing his brother Jory, he knows he needs to step up and help his brothers find the code for the chip that could kill them in three short months. This is what he is doing in Charmed, Idaho. He has a lead. The doctor who surgically inserted those chips into their spines is there. He just needs to find out who she is. Then he meets Laney, a woman who makes him feel things he never has before. He has a secret of his own, one he can't tell Laney about.

But his alpha instincts kick in whenever he is near her, he must protect what is his. No matter how much he tries to resist having anything more meaningful with Laney, she won't let him. He blasted those panties right off of me. The dirty things he said and did.