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Instead, The staff checked client deadlines on their own and relayed the true information to their staff. The work was completed on time, with happy clients, and the work pace stayed manageable. Do your employees know what you really expect and need from them?

Your expectations are off. Setting expectations is actually easy if you remember to do it. Often you keep things in your head and assume the other person will automatically know what you need. Does that work for you? How would your employee know that you wanted a second pair of eyes to proofread the report if you didn't tell her?

How would she know that you wanted her to use the Anderson format instead of the Jones format if you didn't tell her? When you walk away from this assignment, expectations are set, and the employee knows what you need. You've also provided a chance for the employee to voice concerns. A true leader works within reality, and that sometimes means changing expectations. Do you gossip about your coworkers , bosses, and direct reports and then discipline your employees for doing the same? It doesn't provide a good example for employees.

Secrets of Leadership Success

One of the best bosses observed was a master at leading by example. By watching her staff members learned how to run a meeting , how to handle an employee's personal crisis, and how to push back against unrealistic demands. Do you want employees who get to work on time? You'd better show up on time. Do you want employees who are kind to customers? Don't talk about customers behind their backs. Do you want employees who do their work on time, with a high degree of accuracy?

You'd best do the same. Sometimes bosses forget that they need to demonstrate leadership as well. A boss can sit in an office barking orders, but a leader gets in there and helps with the work.


That, alone, is a huge amount of work, but the staff had to take it one step further—every single one of those employees needed a piece of paper with their increase on it. In addition, every single manager needed a list of their employees and the ultimately approved salary increase.

Real leaders don’t make promises.

So that meant that staff had to stuff a ridiculous number of envelopes. Their direct boss was a vice president in a Fortune company. Where was she during the envelope stuffing? Stuffing envelopes with the rest of her staff. Did they all jump when she told them to jump?

Leader vs. Boss – The 6 Major Differences

Now, while there are certainly times when a leader isn't doing the work with you after all, you have different responsibilities , a true leader does unpleasant tasks when necessary and jumps in to help when it's feasible. Your example will shine through and you'll be rewarded with a loyal staff that works hard. Much is written about what makes successful leaders.

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USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Skip the sharp cuts to cope with tough times, too. Real and effective leaders today—from the executive suite to the assembly line—quietly and consistently follow what Dr. Eich has identified as the seven principles of effective leadership.

True leaders know how to make ethical judgments in the face of real-world challenges, and recognize what it takes to win loyalty and respect, motivate through passion, develop positive relationships, and enhance open communication. With the help of real-life stories and advice from top leaders, it teaches how, with the right direction and guidance, real leaders quietly stand back and, no matter the economic conditions, observe as others achieve success, which creates their own successes.

About the Author One of the leadership field's preeminent experts, Dr.

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Ritch K. Eich has spent the last four decades studying the philosophies and fundamentals of true leaders. He's been a top executive, a military communications specialist, a U. Joint Chiefs of Staff officer, a college teacher, a administrator, a consultant, a writer, and an entrepreneur. He is founder and president of Eich Associated, a strategic branding, marketing, communication, and management coaching firm; an adjunct professor at California Lutheran University; a frequent speaker and blogger on leadership and marketing; and a columnist for various business and professional publications.

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