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Think mystical lands and creatures, kings and queens, knights and renegades, heroes and villains, warlords, maidens and princesses. Think battles and danger, honor and dishonor, good and evil. Most of all, think hearts filled with passion and secret desire. This is a place where romantic chivalry is alive and well, but so too is romantic wickedness. This is a place where the good do not always win, and the bad are often more captivating and desirable than their altruistic counterparts.

In these lush and timeless landscapes, the battle for flesh can be as important as the battle for power. Intrigue, sorcery, revenge, lawlessness, dark secrets and mysterious elixirs; entanglements with supernatural beings — everything is possible in these magical mythical landscapes. Inspired by Game of Thrones these imaginative steamy tales transport the reader to fantastical realms. By turns tender and outrageous, The Sex Chronicles is a pleasure from beginning to end. Among these provocative stories, a Hungarian adventurer seduces wealthy women then vanishes with their money; a veiled woman selects strangers from a chic restaurant for private trysts; and a Parisian hatmaker named Mathilde leaves her husband for the opium dens of Peru.

Delta of Venus is an extraordinarily rich and exotic collection from the master of erotic writing. Several authors with stories in anthologies also have longer books. When she develops a passionate, consuming relationship with a wealthy doctor, Badra remembers and rediscovers her own sexual being, in scenes that are erotic, revelatory, and sometimes bittersweet. Here the Prince reawakens Beauty, not with a kiss, but with sexual initiation.

She finds herself powerfully compelled by the overnight passenger seated beside her, and before she has landed, her irrepressible sensual nature has begun to open wide vistas of sexual possibility. As the novel continues, she moves easily from the waiting arms of her husband to intimacies with the wives of his business associates to further explorations and experiences in which the subtle aesthetics of eroticism are expounded — and enacted — to their fullest.

As they venture further and further into the depths — both psychological and sexual — she begins, for the first time, to understand her troubled history and the self that has emerged from it. In that instant, the calm existence of this middle-aged New York City man becomes something unrecognizable: he wants revenge, but also something more.

His guide is a mysterious woman named Sisypha, who leads him deep into the erotic heart of the city. But Zoe feels helpless in the grip of an overpowering addiction…to sex. Finding a compassionate woman therapist to help her, Zoe finally summons the courage to tell her torrid story, a tale of guilt and desire as shocking as it is compelling. A drug dealer with a lethal streak, he runs Harlem with an iron fist. Erotic sequential art is another way you can experience super-sexy literature. It generally falls into two categories: western comics with explicit sexual content and Japanese hentai, which is their category for explicitly sexual manga, or ecchi, which is another term for erotically sensual, but not always explicitly sexual manga.

Join Annie and her tiny taskmaster Nibbil in fun, erotic adventures sure to make you blush. Longing to be restrained, without restrain. Using his newfound abilities, he summons an alluring succubus known as Lilu to serve him, and immediately begins the task of creating a dungeon—an underground kingdom in his own vision, filled with all manner of fantastical creatures.

And his enemies will cower in fear! People may think sex was invented in , but erotic literature has existed for centuries, in both text and imagery. Here are some classics to check out. The text paints a fascinating portrait of an India whose openness to sexuality gave rise to a highly developed expression of the erotic. This combination of prose and poetry from Ancient Rome centers around the story of a patrician and his young lover, but is a fascinating look at the wants, desires, and daily lives of people living then.

You thought Chaucer was raunchy? Let me introduce you to Boccaccio. She soon escapes her fate for the loving arms of a wealthy young man, but misadventure and fate conspire to keep her from domestic bliss. Instead, Fanny discovers that sex need not be just for love; that it can be had for pleasure. She then sets out to explore those pleasures in as wide a variety as she can.

Sacher-Masoch is the inspiration of the word masochism, so you kind of know what kind of sex is in this book. But Wanda is better than she ever dreamed possible at domination — and soon Severin realises he is powerless to escape what he has begun. One day, Jack is picked up by a male customer in Leicester Square, and after their encounter, the man offers to pay Jack for a written account of his experiences. Yet she is deeply unhappy; married to an invalid, she is almost as inwardly paralyzed as her husband Clifford is paralyzed below the waist.

It is not until she finds refuge in the arms of Mellors the game-keeper, a solitary man of a class apart, that she feels regenerated. Together they move from an outer world of chaos towards an inner world of fulfillment. When is a romance erotic and when is it just. The key is in the sex. If the sex is important to the progression of the plot, it is usually erotic romance.

This is, in part, why most BDSM and novels with other more kinky themes are going to have this label. But erotic romance has one necessary requirement: it ends in a Happily Ever After. The best way to tell if a book is erotic romance? If it is erotic, and people love each other, and they break up before the last page? Not an erotic romance. But these are. Unfortunately, with that legacy comes the most exclusive club in Hollywood history, a secret BDSM establishment where only the rich and the naughty come to play. The demanding British editor agrees to handle the book on one condition: he wants complete control.

Check out the Tiffany Reisz Reading Pathway. But his problems only multiply when they snag a talented new drummer—insufferably sexy Zavier Demos, the high school crush Ray barely survived. But only ruins lie outside the City, remnants of a society destroyed by solar storms decades earlier. Society allows them the freedom while it does not extend the same to males. This isn't a bias that's simply unfair its one that potentially promotes self loathing, violence and destructive secret lives among a large segment of the male population.

Some straight men like to screw other men thinking that it's a safe way to have sex. Sure, except if the one doing to 'top' doesn't have any sexually related diseases. Otherwise, it's a great way for a married guy to enjoy fucking without having the trouble of wearing a rubber. I am a 78 year old happily married man who about six months ago at a pool party had oral sex with another male. It was different but did enjoy it.

I have since had oral sex five more time and now I am hooked. Wife has no idea. We do practice oral sex about every other month. She has what she calls hard cum orgasms. As I have aged I cum less and still get the sensation. So am I a bi sexual? I have a dual core, one is a dominant masculine person who enjoys feminine submissive, be they female or male, the other is a submissive feminine persona, who enjoys being with dominant masculine types be they female or male. I have many experiences with men who identify as straight and have sex with me.

I believe them as I give them a feminine experience, thigh highs and panties, demure attitude, and submit to their masculine desires. They are straight to me. Men who identify as straight but occasionally sleep with other men who are not feminine are bisexual to me. But any person who so rudely speaks out against anyone expressing their sexuality I believe is hiding from some conflicted hidden passions of there own, and it could be anything, but why such rage? I see lots of men wanting sex with males, and there is no gaydar in most cases to identify them from so-called straight males, in my opinion.

Cherry, you're simply splitting sexual hairs by stating which straight id'd men "qualify" as genuinely straight or bisexual, according to your own personal, biased standards. To be fair and logical about it, one must acknowledge that there are men who id as straight, live their life that way complete with intimate relationships with bio women both romantically and sexually , who mostly find themselves attracted to, fantasizing about and involved with females BUT who either have in the past or perhaps sometimes still do engage sexually with another male.

It's not fair to call them bisexual if a they legitimately do not id as such; b have never found themselves in love with, dating or actively check out and lust over specific males and c tend to feel no shame or hostility while engaged in sex with another male. I was sexually involved with a straight male for over two years in college.

He had never been involved with a male before or even considered it. While I fell romantically in love with him, the most he could muster was platonic love for me combined with enjoying our sex. It became an obstacle between us because even alone I was aware that he was not gay or even bisexual due to the lack of romantic feelings for me as compared to what I witnessed when he was with women and a near constant undercurrent of slight discomfort from him when the sex ended and we were just alone together. We did experience a life threatening incident together several months before our relationship went from close friends to close friends with benefits and in retrospect I believe that may have been the catalyst for the physical relationship because as a result of my actions we were able to emerge from this incident injured but alive.

Ultimately, probably even he doesn't know exactly why it started. My point was that it is possible for a straight id'd male to engage in a sexual relationship with another male, even in the receptive role which was our case, and be legitimately straight. I'm friendly with this guy still today, we see each other at alumni events and talk sometimes in between. He's happily engaged to a woman and characterizes me as a one off, an anomaly. While being labeled that way doesn't bring me joy, I think he's being as honest with me as you think your guys are with you, Cherry, regardless of which sexual "role" he manifested when we had sex.

I am a straight man who enjoys being submissive to other men. I have met a man who enjoys dominating me, having me wear panties, spanking me , loves to tie my balls with butcher string and making me sniff his balls and cock. We both enjoy our sessions but afterwards I feel guilty and relate to wanting to leave right after. Our sessions only involve masturbation st this point.

I am married and love my wife but our sex life is nonexistent. This is why I seek this as an outlet. Love to hear from others,. I identify as straight but have had sex with men. I'm not bi or gay. I don't fancy men, I'm not attracted to men, I don't feel any emotion during the act. It's just sex. Not love, not friendship, no other kind of relationship other than sexual relief. I do not do anal, I do not take anal. I have no desire to have any form of penetrative sex with other men.

I engage in oral and mutual masturbation, when I feel like it. I don't always feel like it. What I do with men is purely sexual and there is no other reason why I engage in sex with men. I wasn't abused as a child. I can and do have long term relationships with women. I do not engage in sex for money. What I do, I do for enjoyment, and because I can.

I don't gay bash. I let everyone be who they want to be. I don't label, prejudice or discriminate. I am who I am and I do what I enjoy doing. I also have sex with women, who I consider to be Fuck buddies. We are not friends, there is no emotion, it's just sex. In a similar context, I have also engaged in group sex with both male and female participants. When I have a relationship, with a women, we are friends and lovers. I usually have feelings for this person and the sex is far more emotional and engaging.

It's a one on one relationship only, no outsiders are invited into this scenario and I do not engage in sexual activity outside of the relationship. I have male friends, who are just that, friends. I do not tend to have female friends who I haven't slept with or would want to sleep with. Each aspect of my sex life and emotional and social relationships are kept completely separate from the other. And my relationships, as in the traditional sense, meet all my emotional requirements. Why do u have sex with men?? Is the feeling different from sex with women..

Is something you crave. It's not really different than having sex with a women. Receiving is exactly the same, sometimes good, sometimes bad. I enjoy giving, to both male and female, and like the fact that I can please both. There is no actual feeling involved for me, as in an emotional attachment. And it's not something I crave. If I want sex, depending on my circumstances, then I'll find sex. Of course I could just masturbate to porn, or imagination, but that doesn't hold the same thrill as being with someone.

It is not unlike golfing with a good friend. It is enjoyable and different than with a woman. It is enjoyable. I received a notification of a new email that scrolled across the top of his screen that had an unusual message heading. So, I was confused and of course curious and never before have been one to snoop and prowl or lurk. But given the reason in seeing what I had, I simply went into the inbox of his personal email. There I saw many and many headings from Craigslist "casual encounters" "casuals" and "personals" that had the headings or subject of things like "str8t white man wanting to bust in my mouth" or "wanting muscular tattooed top to suck off" things like that.

As I read more I got confused and when I finally put it together I was in a pure state of shock. For months I kept it in my mind and it went away. Then again one day he got an email but this time he was not around his phone so I "lurked" now, I think for weeks I regret ever looking and being so damn nosey. Then as time went by I grew more open to my thoughts, I wasn't in shock anymore I was just curious now in him, how he felt about the whole situation and acts he had engaged in with these men.

Then I was concerned that he may be confused about who he is and why he enjoyed such actions, maybe he is ashamed and don't know why. I was worried that he may just never be able to admit to it and get it off his chest. I was worried that he was bottling it up and felt a burden. The messages I found first were more subject when he was using Chrystal meth a few years ago and got really bad on it before he turned his life around, and he started with the engaging into sexual actions with men by strictly being "top" and only received oral from the men and strictly NOTHING else at all, some were for money and some he just done.

Then it grew as I went through messages from just "top" nothing more, to "top" by receiving oral and GIVING anal to the men, and further on months after to never asking for money, being "top" and agreeing to try "bttm" which is both getting it anal and giving it too I guess when your a "bttm" and "top" it's pretty much "verse" so by reading and studying all of his messages going to where it started and where it ended. I learned the slain and I learned the things he done went from trying it for money, to liking it, to being fully active with it and "verse" and actually never wanting to see the men, lights off, strictly blow and go or full on activities and go and no talking and no looking at one another in complete total darkness.

But I had found an occasional encounter here and there not much but just once in a while and it was with past men that seemed to still not know him, know what he looks like, and only knows his email, and place of engagement for their sexual intercourses. I know this was long but every detail I've picked through, studied, try to put into place and know why exactly. I worry for his sake he feels nasty or ashamed and it pulls him down.

But I want to first understand and study this behavior because if he don't know why or if he does I want to be able to help him. So before I actually show him the proof I have and all, first I'm learning myself. I kinda hinted to him and mentioned all these sexual emails in his phone, I didn't mention I knew it was men. I just said what do these emails I found mean and he said nothing it's not me doing those and I want you to make a new one. So I done just that, then I text him to tell him he can tell me anything in the world and he ignores that and we went on.

So, I eventually wrote a letter to him 14 pages long to explain how we are best friends, how I am open to who he is no matter what he wants and likes I would never judge him or say he is wrong, call him nasty, or even just label him gay, bi, or bicourious and that he can be who he is with me if it meant he has fantasies strictly just sexually or if he just likes it or if it was experimenting and he did like it for a while but Come to realize he just likes or liked the relief and non comittinment.

I would never leave him for this nor be disgusted or look down on him. I have been taking a lot of anal from him since I found out because apparently he enjoys sticking it in a ass and I want to fulfill his desires anyway I can. I do enjoy it myself lol. But I also mentioned it to him once more to see if he was ready to speak of it on his own without me writing him the letter to help him confide and trust in me and know I am ok and he can be himself and that's what a life partner is for.

But when I brought it up last night I done so because he did actually get a email from an old booty call that he hasn't met with in years all a sudden checking up and asking to host to him soon cause it's been too long. So I had an excuse to bring it up, when I said "baby, you wanna talk about the email I got today in the old email you had" he says "what you mean, I don't even care that's why I told you to make me a new one" I said "well I did but I kept seeing these booty Calls and I know it's not from while we been together but it's something I wanted to understand" he said "there is a reason I asked you to get me a new one and those emails were not from me" I say "baby, I'm not mad and you don't have to lie" he said "well what about the emails I mean damn what is it?

You carried this email for many years, your messages include where you are at when you was meeting, give your personal address, phone number, when you were leaving work and where you worked, how long it would take to get to them from places like your house and suck, hotels you secretly stayed in and even down to the actual phone the email was sent from such as sent from my personal cspire wireless phone or sent from my iPhone and it's impossible to lie about someone hacking you" he then got irate with me yelling, hitting and slapping his leg and steering wheel, and just plain out denied it period and said he don't know who or how but he didn't do anything.

So I said well I've gotta take it back a step and make him feel better so I said "well these GIRLS are whores, paying you for Sex and you paying them is all I seen through These emails and it's weird you say you didn't do this with nasty women, but whatever. But I know it even explained to some of the WOMEN, that once they pulled into your drive, that the front is unlocked, you was waiting in your room and to walk straight to you that it was the second door down the hall on right and lights were off to strip dwn and be ready to get satisfied" and he said "well I haven't ever done that in my life with any woman I would not pay a girl for pussy and it wasn't me period" so I said ok then it's fine I just was curious.

In other words I played it off so that he didn't freak out or get mad at himself or feel embarrassed and I'm giving him time to see if he wants to come to me and if not I will give him the Letter to assure him I'm ok and it don't bother me. At all. Just wanted him to feel trust in me and vent to me.

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So that is why I am writing this today, maybe to get some insights on this or what I should do and not do, even maybe to know why or ease my mind and be assured it really is ok. Cause honestly, I'm a little confused myself not knowing how to take it all without him being honest and opening up to explain.

I will not tell him I feel that way, I will always assure him it don't bother me so he is comfortable. I mean it don't bother me but since I don't know why exactly it makes me feel missing puzzle pieces and my mind don't know what to think about it. As far as is he secretly gay? Or is he bi, or biocurious, straight but likes fantasy freaky stuff, or closeted, or even confused himself or in denial. That's why it's important to me that he talks about it for his sake and also my own. Your fiance is probably an abusive greedy narcissist. Married men who have sex with men like your fiance 1 are out engaging in MSM behavior without condoms 2 are out engaging in sex without you leaving you horny 3 are putting your life at risk HIV is a major threat to you 4 are spending money on hotels and prostitites for their MSM sex instead of paying bills.

Instead of trying to understand him, and get him to admit it to you, do this instead: 1 Know in your heart that your man cheats on you with men, 2 Stop having sex with him even with a condom and do NOT let him give you anal sex, 3 Tell him that these are the new rules and terms of the relationship. Even if he admits it to you, it doesn't mean anything. He has put his own needs in front of yours, he's not monogamous with you, he cheats on you.

You are just roommates. If you want to kiss him, that's on you. If you want to keep letting him have sex with you, look up how high the risk of you getting HIV is, astronomical pun intended. Recently, I was looking for answers as to why straight men have, at times, hit on me. Sometimes it's been a compliment, but not something of interest, especially when they're already involved. Curiosity brought me here and most questions are now answered, except a few. I suspect that in some situations, men are closeted, unexposed and living a dual life.

In your case, whatever be his reasoning for performing sexually with other men, it's dangerous. He's toxic and poisonous to you and all things good. These things I reiterate in agreeance with previous posters. Besides, it bears repeating with a few of my own pointers. Most importantly of all things to be discussed, your risk of contraction of HIV and other almost as serious STD's is frightfully high. Being open-minded is one thing, but being naive is another. You deserve better. I would rather be alone than in the presence of a cheater offering bad company, especially when it is someone I'm fucking, more scarily being fucked by, please excuse my French.

If someone doesn't use a condom outside of a monogamous relationship, they care little about "them-self" or those they potentially injure in their selfish, self gratification, more scarily when they are cheating. He's a waste of your time and life. Protect yourself. Dump him!! After doing so, get tested quickly. If you're determined to be ill, many modern treatment surpass anything previously known scientifically. It won't be the end. In my life, I have always felt unique to the gay experienced in that I was never promiscuous, if so, a short time in early 20's adolescence, but always craved, especially as I grew older, more depth to relationships.

At almost forty, I'm glad to say that I chose to protect myself sexually, can count on all ten fingers how nany times I've been intimate and am free of any illness related to sex. People have mocked and laughed, but some are no longer well enough or even around to continue doing so. I guess I'm not so stupid. A few moments of passion aren't worth a lifetime of regret.

Although it sounds like I'm bragging, it's just my way of saying that I awoke before heading down a darkened path that might have killed me. Life is far to short and golden to spent being tarnished by those loath themself and others. The drug thing is another issue to consider.

He may have cleaned his act from hardcore drug use, but that coupled with his continuous rage and occasional homosexual bedroom sex acts, makes it questionable that he will not or will never use drugs again. Good luck get on with life!! I have to say you are an extremely kind and caring woman.

You do not deserve this however.

Tom Goss - More Than Temporary - A Gay Love Story

You are too sweet for words and to give yourself to a man of such low moral character is heartbreaking to even me-a total stranger. Reading this Odyssey of a post has seriously upset me.

Doing It Her Way: A Conversation With 6 Women About Their Erotic Fantasies | MEL Magazine

You will make a wonderful mom one day, give your children the great example of a man that your fiance is NOT. Give yourself the loving, devoted man who will reciprocate your adoration. This man who is your fiance may be confused,he may be lost, but that does not excuse his total disrespect he has for you and your relationship. Please take a step back and consider the cold hard facts before proceeding.

I feel for you girl. You seem as an extraordinary woman, very open minded and super understanding. He has an addictive personality not matter what it is sex, drugs or whatever. If you stay with him you will just have another child to take care and excuse for any of his stupid action. Don't let time go by as I did find a true man that can be open and straight forward no pun intended. He has his own demons to deal with, satisfy your curiosity and then close the door for good, he is toxic and will poison wonderful human that you are.

Find The Right Person! Good luck! I am late 50's, married, always straight. However in the last few years I have wondered what it would be like to give a blowjob. I have a very dear old friend who is black and gay. I have seen him in the locker room, he is in good shape and well hung. Next time we have a drink together, I intend to ask him if he would let me give him oral sex. This would not be a romantic thing, but just sort of recreational. I would not try this with a stranger or with anyone I did not trust completely. I dearly love a blowjob, and I know I would be good at it.

I want to see what it is like to take one deep in my throat and swallow, and to give him great pleasure. I am certain that this would not lead to sex with others, and that it would not really alter our friendship. I'm 28 years old, straight, and have never had sex with another guy. Me and my college roommate did masturbate each other and wear each other's white briefs on occasion, but it never extended beyond that. On the other hand, my older brother Trent who is 30, claims to be straight and is now happily married to a woman with a son, did have FREQUENT sexual encounters with other boys beginning in high school and on into college.

"I'm Straight but I Fantasize About Lesbian Sex. Is That Normal?"

My brother is a good looking guy, athletic, and has always been pretty popular with everyone, but the first time I caught him having sex with another guy really surprised me. One afternoon after school, I walked upstairs to our room and opened the door to find him laying back on his bed having anal sex with Drew, one of his baseball buddies.

Trent was on the receiving end of Drew's penis, or rather he was the "bottom". I freaked out of course and ran downstairs to call our parents. As I stood in the kitchen trying to make sense of it all and decide whether I should make the call, Drew came running downstairs and grabbed his backpack off the counter to leave while Trent came down to talk. After I calmed down, we talked for close to 2 hours about what had happened. We were brought up in a somewhat liberal family, so I've never had an issue with homosexuality or LGBT people.

But I was shocked that my older brother, who I had always looked up to and known to be very popular with girls, was having sex with other boys and might be gay. Trent made it clear to me that he was STRAIGHT and preferred having romantic relationships with girls, but that he also liked having sex with other boys. He still had sex with girls, but only if he was in a relationship with one. Trent also said that he'd been having sex with other boys since his sophomore year and had grown to like it a lot. I asked him why he was taking Drew's penis instead of the other way around, and he said that even though he sometimes topped other guys After swearing I that I wouldn't tell our parents or anyone else, he promised me that he'd start making sure the other guys wore a condom at that time he had only had unprotected anal sex with other guys.

When Trent moved away to college, he continued having frequent sexual encounters with other guys. Sometimes when he'd come home on weekends or for holidays, he'd talk about having sex with some guy and how it was totally awesome. At one point during his sophomore year, I was visiting him on homecoming weekend when he nervously admitted that he might be bisexual because he had been in an exclusive quasi-relationship with an older guy a grad student for months. While it was still mainly sexual in nature, during the time they had been together he had actually begun having romantic feelings for the guy, who also felt the same about Trent.

I never met the guy who was supposedly openly gay, but Trent made it clear that the relationship was fast turning into something more, and that their daily sex and often several times a day had become more "making love" than just casual sex Trent had even allowed the guy to stop wearing condoms!! Even though I told him to be careful, I also told him that if he was bisexual or gay that I would be there for him and support him either way. By Christmas though, he and the guy had split I didn't ask why and Trent had moved on to having casual sex with some other guy. When Trent was a senior in college, he met the girl who would become his wife Since meeting and marrying her, Trent hasn't had sex with any guys He watches gay porn regularly, chats with other guys online, and even has a dildo which he hides from his wife but uses in the shower sometimes.

I know he'd NEVER cheat on her because he loves her completely and they have regular sex, but I have encouraged him to at least tell her about his past so there's no secrecy. You could also genuinely be worried that he would cheat her with another girl. In fact that holds true for any monogamy couple, the "cheating" is always there.

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My point is to acknowledge homosexuality in men is still highly disruptive and conflictive for everyone involved and then relatives, friends, coleagues, etc. Kudos to your brother for being strong mentally with his lifestyle. For example if I sucked a man once, why should i tell about that to a future fiancee. Why dont tell her about the pussies I ate then? Interestingly, homosexual men don't seek women for sex in any of the cases proposed in the article.

Have in mind that the pool for sex for gay guys is much reduced due to a lot of factors whereas sex for heterosexual people is always far more accessible and encouraged in society. How interesting homosexuality seems more well defined and rigid but heterosexuality seems so flexible. You don't actually call that heterosexuality but more accurately bisexuality. I am a gay man who has had a "friends with benefits" deal going on for the last three years with one of my best friends, who is straight. He is 35, I'm He's been my buddy for well over ten years, and during the first eight of those years, I never had the slightest inkling that he might be willing to have an encounter with another male.

And we were together a LOT in situations that could have easily led to sexual activity if either one of us had made a move, but we never did. I didn't think we ever would, although I always found him to be very attractive physically from the time we first met. My buddy did not know that I was gay until well into our friendship, when a mutual friend in a drunken moment outed me and spilled the beans. I was irritated with him for doing that, but my buddy didn't seem to care. He just said to me later "Whatever trips your trigger, dude.

In fact, he asked me later, once we had begun sexual encounters with each other: "It took you long enough. Why didn't you ever try to do stuff with me before? But maybe not. I don't know. Do I still believe he is "straight"? I don't think for a moment that he fantasizes about me, or other men. I think he fantasizes about women. I think our activity began and has lasted over hree years for a few reasons:. He is physically attractive, but moody and not always a great person to be around.

He's only had one serious long term relationship in the 11 years I've known him, and that one was with a beautiful but demanding and unstable girl with many issues of her own. It's easier just to have encounters with me, a person who doesn't demand "commitment" or time and attention that he doesn't have. I am 20 years older than he is, and even though I don't look it, I think there is a part of him that enjoys positive attention from an older male.

His dad took off and left the family when my buddy was about five years old, and it really rocked his world in a bad way, and left him with an emptiness in his life. He enjoys having friendship and in our case sexual encounters from older guys who treat him nice. I'm an easy outlet for his sexual needs, one that doesn't require him to "romance" another person, which he isn't great at anyhow.

He has several "rules" about our sexual encounters, which I'm willing to abide by.

We can't ever TALK about it being the main one. When we're not actually encountering, we act and behave just like the "normal" friends we were for years prior to that.

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  • I am not allowed to kiss him above the neck, and especially never, ever on the mouth. I think that's just silly "I don't kiss dudes", oh right. Okay, whatever, buddy! Oh another one is that he has roommates, and our encounters at his place have to be super quiet, so that they never "find out". This is a guy who takes the concept of "discrete" to extreme limits. Nobody must EVER know. As for me, I'm okay with all this. I am not in love with him, and have no desire to be in a "relationship" with him.

    He would drive me nuts. In return, I provide him with a sexual release. We have remained great friends through all this, which I'm happy about. I don't expect anything from him, nor he from me other than the usual guy stuff like "Can you help me fix my car? What a Loser thing to do for this writer to put so much of the basis of this book on the backs of African American and Latino men.

    That is so cowardly.

    On Writing a Short Story: ‘Everything is Always Happening, All the Time.’

    Own it for men overall. That is so cheap. You know exactly what I am talking about. Is that what white society likes to do for everything that is considered taboo? Use us as guinea pigs I have read that book. It was a good book. And it does not talk about Latino men in that book, just black men. But that doesn't matter.

    I am black and am making a further point that in that section of this article, you really did something dirty Maybe they should stick to simply studying their own feelings and perhaps experiences.

    These are the top twelve most famous alien abduction stories.

    They may be able to develop quite the study just from that. You could also reference another book called 'Not Gay' - it is all about straight white men who have sex with each other or get down 'on the low'. I have been with both men and woman and am an advocate for all people to relax more and more with homosexuality. But I will never accept my own people to be type casted and signalled out in anything that is meant to in some way degrade us or treat us as lab rats. Thank you!!! I never understood the argument of straight guys preferring another guy.

    5 Benefits of an Inquiring Mind

    Those guys are GAY. They need to stop spreading AIDS to their wives and join the gay community completely. I bet you are afraid of your own homosexual desires I have long been into some kinks. I dated the HS slut, and was turned on by her pleasuring other men as i watched. I never hesitated to kiss her, even immediately after she orally pleasured another guy to finish and her mouth still was full of his climax. I loved how her mouth tasted, and one day when one of her dozen boy toys was being pleasured by her as i was pleasuring her, she told me to give her a kiss, then placed the guys member in my mouth, and told me she wanted to see me pleasure him.

    It was humiliating yet exciting. So i did. After that day her and i would do it together. After she took my virginity, which was after two of the other guys used her, and left a mess, she wanted another round but having just climaxed was unable to go. She then stimulated me anally, which felt incredible. She then got one of her toys, and she used it on me, which felt even more amazing.

    The next day she told me she wanted to watch me with those two guys, and we did, and i enjoyed the stimulation, which made me have an orgasn that was much more intense than anything penile. I also ejaculated completely flacid and without stimulation. She then got a strap on sex toy, and several attachments from big to bigger all the way up to physically impossible. She used the strapon toy in me daily, whileher and i orally pleasured the other guys.

    Sometimes a guy would want to take her place, which i was fine with, because a nice size real man feels infinitely better than any toy, and even with toys, bigger feels better. Now i have a married friend, who is in health care. He is african american and has a very large member. Him and i have sex daily, some days for hours. I am not atracted to men, unless you consider seeing a large penis and wondering if it would feel good inside me. I do enjoy being physically and sexually dominated, and manhandled.

    My friend the first time took me in a manner very similar to rape, only after i had teased him by shaking my ass and intentionally dropping things in the gym locker room. He knew iwas sexually submissive, and that i was into receiving anal, i dated his sister who does fetish porn, and she was all about womans rights and reversing the roles sexually, and got me used to exteemelt large toys.

    So he grabbed my head one day, shoved his member in my mouth, turned me around, kicked my legs spread wide and pushed my chest onto the bench, and shoved himself inside me. I had never been so aroused, turned on, nor have i ever had a better orgasm. No physical attraction, just his large thick manhood feels amazing inside me.

    Him and i watch a lot of porn together, and its always man on woman porn, sometimes some transsexual variety. He is closet bi, but he likes being able to just take me without permission, prefer it that way. I feel you. The only gay guy that did my ass is still to these days "confused about what I am". Like others stated some people kind of believe you are a cheater, closet guy being not sincere, not brave enough to "come out" or in denial. I think people get way too caught up in trying to divide sexuality into neat little packages, and the stigma of crossing those lines is why we find so many men who try so desperately hard to protect an image of pure heterosexuality by engaging in covert and often risky behaviors.