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CNN Denmark's government has struck a deal to move "unwanted" migrants to a remote uninhabited island once used for contagious animals. Journalist Susanne Gargiulo reported from Copenhagen.

A previous version of this story misidentified the immigration status of people housed on Lindholm Island. This has been corrected.

When civic rights are against the law – the story of an unwanted petition

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Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Plan to move migrants to island draws ire The controversial deal is part of a new finance bill for agreed between the center-right government and the Danish People's Party DPP , a populist right-wing party with anti-immigration policies.

According to the plan, which must still be passed by the parliament, that address may be Lindholm Island in the southeast of the country, which lies two miles out to sea and for decades has housed a research center for seriously ill and contagious animals. These facilities will be cleared and an immigration center with an initial capacity of residents built in their place.

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According to a government statement , the new center will house migrants who have what is known as "tolerated stay" status, meaning they do not have a residence permit but cannot be deported for other reasons, including threats to their life if they are sent home; those who are set to be deported due to criminal activity or for national security reasons; and foreign fighters and rejected asylum seekers convicted of breaking certain laws.

Denmark has tightened its immigration laws in recent years.

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The plans have caused concern among rights groups. We will have to assess that they are not detained de facto. However, Henriksen told CNN that he has no qualms about pushing the boundaries of human rights conventions. Day by day we start letting them out to their designated spot. We were sure we only had 8 in this field, counting again and again there was 9.

Unwanted: The Whole Story

A frail and wobbly little girl, a sad little face, a face that told the tale of a whole winters suffering. Then as the cogs inside our heads start turning we realise she had been put there purposely, for us to find. Thus gave rise to a very fitting name HHO Mystery.

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From that day to this, no one ever called us enquiring about her, no one ever reported her missing, no one ever even cared if she lived or died. But she did live- and she blossomed and grew and fitted in to life at HHO with her new found herd.