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A horrible screeching. A figure appeared in the doorway, and my heart stopped when I realized it was the woman from the picture. Before I could react, she barreled towards Freddie with a terrible scream, and he dropped to the floor writhing. Marcie screamed, and Mason was too stunned to react. I grabbed their arms, dragging them into another room. I banged at the windows, and my fingers found a lock on one of the windows. I clicked it open. I was pushing the window up when an excruciating pain ran through my whole body.

I felt like I was on fire; everything burned and ached, and I wanted to die. I wanted to make it end. And then it did. Like a flip of a switch, the pain ended, and the world went black. Now let me ask you: do you believe in monsters? Sally tries to defend her friend at the court meeting, but she soon discovers the true criminal of the stolen bones…someone who once knew her long-gone mother, Patty Simplesmith.

Eyes red, Possessed glare. Slithers into my dreams. Turns them into terrors. Check again, Mummy. Hear the way it makes me beg? Look out the window— Look, please! Enormous, hulking, Glowing scarlet eyes. The lights are flickering— Mummy left them on. Help, please! Too many fangs.

Door shuts, Mummy gone. Serpent slithering, Gliding there, Pincers clacking, Red eyes Everywhere. Fear Terror Monsters in sight, Time to go, darling, Time to eat, little one. Time to know, child. Who turned out the lights. Ghouls of the Future: kindergarten in the ghoul world. By er, and Julianne and Snitches went fifth grade, Mandy was a bright and in the third. Yaphat and Mandy A Ghoulish Halloween outgoing ten-year-old girl. While went off to see the old legends exstill attending school in the ghoul world, Mandy ended up making six new friends: Yaphat the warlock, Julianne the vampire, Snitches the baby dragon and class pet, Sam the ghost guy, William the fix-it kid, and Candy-land the slime hamster.

But there was one Halloween that stuck out from all of her other fifth-grade memories. Mandy dressed up as a glow-in-the-dark skeleton while the rest of her friends went as themselves since they were already ghouls. Their first stop during their fun night was the Green Witch Castle.

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Yaphat smiled at Mandy. Soon, the kids split up into three groups. Mandy and Yaphat went to together in one group, Sam, William, and Candy-land went in anoth-. There were mostly statues of phantoms and other creatures that used to live there. Yaphat shrugged. Yaphat looked at his wrist watch. Everything seemed too boring to them. Sam shrugged. The three of them looked through the brochures, but they found nothing exciting. It seemed hopeless to find some fun, so William suggested that they go to one of the souvenir booths.

Sam and Candy-land thought that sounded nice. Suddenly, something caught his eye. It was a picture book on the legendary history of the Green Witch Castle. He flipped through a few pages and smiled. Yaphat looked at the back cover. Mandy grinned. Before they got far, they saw Sam, William, and Candy-land in another shop. Sam turned around. Then he gestured for her and Yaphat to look at one of the photos. Just then, Snitches came scurrying over to everyone and gestured for them to follow him to a glasseddisplay where Julianne was standing.

She seemed to be gazing right through it. Julianne turned her head. Right in the center of the display floor stood a framedphoto on an easel of two girls. Their names were listed on a little card on a small table next to the easel: Samantha Heinz and Vanita. It was the very same Vanita whom I and my old friend, Amy, had summoned out of the journal.

By Janus Parents trailed behind, attempting to catch up with them and chatting As it got dark on Halloween night, with fellow child-wranglers. Meanchildren poured out of their houses while, teenagers went to costume parties and watched Supernatural and into the streets. They sweated under their rubbery masks, and the and gory horror movies in their pachill in the air seeped into their tat- jamas, sullenly handing out candy tered costumes. The adults watched the pandemonium with from speakers. Plastic gravestones littered yards, toppling not from age absentminded smiles, remembering the times when they were young and but from flimsiness.

The children ran down the streets wore silly costumes with pride. The children would always say in packs, their candy-filled pillowcases thumping against the ground. People who handed out and springy grass to get to the halpretzels or apples were silently. Their bags grew swollen and pregnant with candy as the night went on, and it was handed to parents when it grew too heavy. The children were generals, plotting the route they would take carefully, which houses were to be avoided and which neighborhoods must be visited.

They wore a uniform of store-bought costumes, and their weapons were plastic and made in China. They marched down the streets, forgetting who they were for a few short hours. Halloween was a celebration of childhood, and kids embraced it. When it got late, the parents herded their offspring home, despite.

Children exchanged candy with each other, spreading their treasure across the floor and sorting it into tidy piles based on type. One of the many rituals of Halloween, children whittled down their stash to their favorites and would munch happily on cavity-inducing candy until bedtime. When it was time for bed, the weary children would strip off their sweaty and wrinkled costume and snuggle under their blanket, still on a sugar high.

They drifted off to sleep happily. The streets emptied, and the shouts of children diminished, and the neighborhood would be quiet once more. As the years went by, I eventually had to be separated from Amy. She had to go off and help her ghoul creations since some of them had grown very weak. They lived far away from our original home, so it was going to have to be a solo mission. Just before we said our final good-bye, Amy gave me two very gifts: her glowing stone necklace and her childhood ghoul journal. But when I grew up, I got married to my college boyfriend, John Canes, and had kids of my own to show the ghoul magic to.

After fixing up the dreary area together, Marie loved it. She made friends with a witch named Tammy, and when Halloween came around, she had a big feast in the Green Witch Castle and even went to the Halloween Extravaganza. After Marie reached her last year of middle school, she began to connect more with the human world and spend less time in the ghoul world. Mandy attended pre-school in the human world but hated it immediately. For kindergarten, I got a unique idea. I decided to have her go to.

Perhaps one finds a darkness Too deep someday Something that shouldn't exist A darkness sliced by the full moon The full moon that reflects on a god That we can't be certain Will save us. Then he turns back into the dark, dark woods, And disappears with no more than a sigh. That was a long, long time ago. The ceiling of the church has sunken low, The steps are in decay and overgrown, The pulpits still stand though, row upon row.

A church stands empty on a hill, alone. It saw the wolf howl at the moon and moan. It is no longer filled with laughs and tears, For people left it as they all went home. And now, the moon is only present Whether it's full or merely just a crescent, To see the church all lonely on the hill And watch as time can slowly, slowly kill. Chapter 1 Saint Moritz Academy for the Privileged was the boarding school for the insanely rich.

Sons and daughters of kings, sultans, and corporate tycoons resided within its grey, weathered walls. Once a Scottish fortress, the school sat atop a high mountain, engulfed by dense evergreens and an ever present fog. Perched on the mountaintop, the academy stood imposing from the outside, but inside, the halls were filled with bustling crowds of selfcentered children.

The kids themselves stayed at the school for years on end, most without seeing parents beyond the pictures in newspapers, magazines, and, of course, Facebook. Every holiday they would get the traditional apologetic note explaining that due to unforeseen commitments, they would not be able to spend the holidays with their children. Alongside the monogrammed envelope would lay the impeccably wrapped gift and crisp bill to bid the little darlings a happy holiday. Unsurprisingly, the students of St. Moritz were mean and selfish. That is, all but one—Emily Allaway, the only orphan at the school.

Little Emily was not over eight when she entered the school, and, given her humble background, she was subjected to the constant teasing and bullying of her well-to-do classmates. Whatever it was that they did, she dealt with it. No word would escape her lips, and no tear would roll down her cheek. Emily was no more than five feet—normal for an eleven year old. She had long brown hair that cascaded to the small of her back. Her eyes were as silver as the moon and shined against her pale, milky face. As the holiday season approached, tensions among the kids seemed to rise, as if knowing that, yet again, they would be left to spend the holidays within the cold, damp walls of St.

The shoving and teasing increased day by day. It was on one especially crisp December day that tensions seemed to rise to a peak, and attention focused on Emily. She was eating her sandwich alone against a small stone wall in front of the school. It was lunchtime, and the. The bees buzzed around the scarce flowers left from Autumn, taking their time on each one. The sight soothed Emily, and a smile crawled sweetly onto her pure face.

From a distance, a group of boys came her way. She knew too well what was to come. There were four of them, five years older than her if she guessed right. She lowered her head and stared at her sandwich as if it were the most interesting thing in the world. As her heart pounded against her chest, she knew that there was no where to run.

They would run after her. No place to hide. So she sat there, resigned to what was to come.

A cloud rolled over the sun, blocking the comforting light. The boys circled around her like hungry vultures ready for their prey. The other three boys cawed and jeered as they continued to circle around her. Emily buckled down to her knees as each of the boys joined in to deliver his dose of kicks and punches. Emily curled up into a defensive ball, which only resulted in a roar of laughter from the bullies. Profanities rose to the trees, now bare of birds and leaves, but no response came from her lips. Exhausted from their savage exertion, the boys retreated, satisfied to leave Emily to lay in the small puddle of crimson blood.

Bruises and cuts lined her jaws. Her pearl white cheeks were red from endless gashes. No one came to help her up. Instead, she had to muster up the energy to push herself into a standing position. Emily closed her eyes painfully and moved her hands underneath her chest. Slowly, she heaved herself up onto her feet. A thin thread of blood slowly streamed down from her chin onto the already red stone pavement.

Emily leaned against the. Her vision blurred then focused, and the pattern repeated for another minute or so. She tried not to flinch from the sharp pains that raged through her face. The shrill bell echoing through the academy signaled the end of lunch. Emily dragged her feet into the school building and walked sluggishly to her class. The teacher turned around in his chair and looked her over. There he sat, three desks across from her. He leaned over his desk to look at Emily and smirked. She continued to look straight ahead, increasingly angry at herself for not being able to control the tear that rolled down her cheek.

One of the lights in the class flickered off. The teacher stared at it for a long while but then went back to writing what appeared like hieroglyphics to Emily onto the chalkboard. The bulb flashed back on. Another light, this one at the back of the classroom, started to flicker as well. Both bulbs flashed on and off simultaneously. Which one of you is playing a prank? His eyebrows furrowed as he looked at each of them. As he looked at Victor, all of the lights started to flicker chaotically. They were no longer in sync, and a few seconds later, all of the lights went off.

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She heard the flick of a switch, and all the lights went back on. All of the students looked around the room and tried to figure out what had happened. The teacher stepped away and examined the boy from a distance. Emily leaned over her desk to look at her bully. He was motionless, almost lifeless. His eyes were focused on something beyond reach. His breathing had stopped. Queenbreaker By Hades You can sit on your throne of lies, And you can wear your crown of greed.

You can hoard your ill-gotten prize; You have nothing I need. It matters naught to me. You can hang me up in a cage, And you can smash me on your walls. You can scream and thunder and rage, But I care not at all. You destroy what you cannot own, Lest it escape to liberty. But I will not pay you homage, And I refuse to bend the knee.

I care not for your golden bribes Or bittersweet serenading. I care not for your diatribes, For you are not my king. No, you are not my king. Damn the ballads of you they sing, To hell with your scepters and rings. You are not my king. Damn the awful vengeance you bring, To hell with the axe that you swing. I blaspheme your sermonizing, And I spit upon your blessings.

Who is Bella really? Dealing with Insanity by LnknInsanity reviews Kami is unable to have childeren and it's eating her alive. Spirit makes a deal with Asura in order for them to be able to have childeren but if he breaks the deal then Maka is his. But after watching her for awhile he falls in love with this pig-headed meister. KidXMaka, We've found Love? And he falls for her too. What will happen when Maka's boyfriend Soul finds out?

What should have been by Alua wolf reviews what would happen if Goo Jun Pyo didnt remember until four years later his love for Jan Di but he was too late. Ji Hoo and Jan di are happy but will a face from the past make it come crashing down? It's either the playboys," she dropped the box at his feet as if it was a basket of dirty laundry. Who Is This Child? The plague known as Twilight is still spreading and there is only one solution.

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Sesshomaru's 1st mate 4. SilverDeathAngel SilvertonguedSerpent 0. SugaryBinds Sunset Miko The Path of Supreme Conquest TheBlackKnight87 Most inlets are kept clear for navagation by the Army Corps of Engineers, and Paul thinks the Corps should handle the Rudee dredging. Paul said approximately 25 fishing vessels are moored at Rudee, including nine boats owned by At- lantic Charter and another small fleet operated by Virginia Beach Sportsfish- ing.

Then plan your wedding at our party. Phone Mad to: W. Ocean View Ave. Norf ok, Va. Even intelligent investors may find it difficult to resist speculating with higher yield returns. At Uruted Virginia, we offer our customers something more. And that's a choice. If you're looking for a good return on your investment, don't face it alone.

Come see yourUnited Virginia banker. Because today its not who you know that counts anymore, its who you want to trust with your future. Above, James Vick, 3, of Rundel Lane bobs plastic ducks in the fishing pond his mother was operating. Toward the end of the day, packing an arm- ful of prizes, Bryan Har- roll,'9, of Seaman Road below refused to let sticky cotton candy get the best of him. He won that contest, too. Like many other year- olds, she enjoys music and camping. In fact, she sold eight of her works during the recent Neptune Festival Art Show.

Working primarily with pen and ink and acrylic paint, Nancy puts a lot of herself in her work which is soft, quiet and almost peaceful. I don't care for things which make people feel uneasy, I don't like things which clash, or loud colors," Nancy says. The fact that she loves nature and the outdoors is reflected in her preference for landscapes and she confesses a special love for doing sunrises and sunsets. Nancy's interest in art began about five years ago after she volunteered to paint scenery for a school play. She began to experiment with a variety of art mediums and styles and her talent gradually began to emerge.

I didn't want other people to have it and then I realized I was being selfish. I try to think of it as making someone happy when I sell a painting," Nancy explained. She enjoys working with pen and ink because she feels pen and ink pictures have a neat, clear, look which people like. She first tried acrylic paints when she found a picture in a magasine she wanted to recreate with her own personal touch, but felt pen and ink would not do it justice.

Nancy does most of her work from photographs or magazine pictures and carries a camera with her most of the time to capture scenes she wants to recreate. She also uses some of the pictures her father, Thomas Allen, takes on his fishing trips. When using pictures from magazines, she seldom draws or paints it as it appears.

She might rearrange the components of the picture or change the colors to fit her mood. Often she merely uses one or two objects out of several pictures and puts them to- gether. I Take a good look around your oarage the next time you open the door and see the gold mine you have in there! It's a good bet there are several things you no longer need that could be just what someone around the area has been looking for!

From there on, it's easy to get the two of you together We'll help you word your ad for quick results, too.

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Why not go out and open up that garage door right now? To place your classified ad, please call; Chesapeake and Portsmouth Virginia Beach and Norfolk nail. My work doesn't look like a photograph, but is still vert tight," Nancy explained. Although Nancy plans to continue with her art work upon graduation from high school, she does not want to use her talent commercially. Art is relaxing to me. I do it because it is just some- thing I want to do. I don't think I would enjoy it as much if I had to do it for a living.

It wouldn't seem right doing it just for the money," Nancy said. In addition to her art, Nancy loves music and professes a preference for classical music. She also plays the flute and is a member of the Rock Church band. I like things peace- ful and quiet," Nancy commented. She makes many of her own designs for her embroidery work, and her long range plans include a camping trip to Europe the summer after she graduates from Bayside High. Nancy is the daughter of Mr. Thomas R. Allen of Virginia Beach. The bride is the daugh- ter of Mr. War- ren W. Lucius A. Thomas of Ho- bart.

Carol Garrison, the bride's sister, was the maid-of-honor. Brides- maids were Bonita Seipel and Dorothy Finchem. Hea- ther Jones was the flower girl for the ceremony. Best man was Jack Kas- has of Hobart, Ind. OAV Co. The couple will reside in Hobart, Ind. Burnett engagement Mr. Gaines R. She is a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. The groom-to-be is the son of Mr. Quin- ton Baker of Front Royal. He is a graduate of Ran- dolph-Macon Academy and received an associate de- gree from Shenadoah Col- lege and a bachelot's de- gree in communication arts from Madison College. He is employed as admissions counselor at Shenadoah College.

No date has been set for the weddine DR. PAUL N. Beach, Va. Hours by Appointment: - Wed. The center is open Mon- day through Friday from 10 a. Matthew's Church, Sherry Ave. Films at the Kemps - ville branch ThGfsday at 4 p. Demonstration by the firemen will be pre- sented during the story hour to children ages This is a fund -raising pro- gram, and admission will be charged spectators and participants.

Prospective contestants may call Henry Curling at for details. Robert Maxwell Parr, son; Mr. Conley Ri- chard Dean, daughter: Mr. William Morris Long, son; Mr. Jesse L. Tench, Jr. Franrois Alexander deForas, daugh- ter; Mr. Gerald El- dor Plassman, son; Mr. Michael John Vance, son; Mr. Louis Charles. Doughty, Jr. Frank Ro- bert DeMille, son; Mr. David Frank Yarborough, daugh- ter - Mr. Wayne Jaggers, daughter; Mr. Manuel Lawrence Sklaroif. Jeremiah Stevenson, daughter. Kellam plans parent's night An information night for parents of Kellam High School seniors is ched- uled in the school's chorus room tonight beginning at The program, designed to provide parents with in- formation about college financial aid and admission requirements, local em- ployment opportunities, apprenticeship programs and military careers, is sponsored by the school's guidance department.

Verne L. Bow- ers will speak to Army retirees Saturday at the Ft. Eustis Club. A reception begins at 6p. There will be entertainment after the speech. Reservation should be made through the retired activities of- fice at Ft. Eustis, phone Lynnhaven Road and Lynnhaven Park- way. The program will be presented at 7 p. Lynnhaven Road. Admission is free. For reservations call The pro- gram is sponsored by the school's PTA. There will be a film and a question and answer session. The program is open to the public at no charge.

There is no charge, and the public is invited. Ben- ingo Miyares, a national coucil flower show in- structor, at the Nov. For more information call Mrs. John Froehler at - The course, cosponsored by the Tide- water Heart Association, begins at p. Class- room space is limited. For reservations, call the hos- pital at There is no charge. Booths will include a Christmas shop, a toy shop, a boutique and other odds and ends.

To register, call Ebby Ham- ilton at or A police car led the parade followed by the Plaza volunteer fire truck and rescue squad truck. Virginia Beach pol- ice K-9 Corps gave a de- monstration with their dogs. Every child in the par- ade was given candy. Judg- ing of the costumes was by Mrs. William C. Dar- win, Mrs.

Burton Witham Jr. Leo P. Krest of the garden club. Skip Holden of the civic league presented winners with a silver dollar. Costumes were judg- ed as the most original, most beautiful and most scary in four age groups. Mosely, son of Mr. Angleman, son of Mr. To qualify, applicants must be single and never married, between the ages of 18 and 25 as of July 20, and must live, work or attend school any- where in Virginia. They also must be U.

Judging is based on beauty of face and figure, poise, personality, groom- ing, intelligence, speaking ability and leadership. There is no talent compe- tition. The Virginia finals will be Feb. The final deadline for all applications is Dec. Learning disability workshop planned A workshop on education of learning disabled child- ren will be held Friday for Virginia Beach spe- cial education teachers at the Center for Effective Learning, N. Witchduck RoatJ. School stall members participating in the day- long session include learn- ing disabilities teachers, diagnostic - prescriptive rescource teachers, a psy- chologist, instructional specialists and special ed- ucation supervisors.

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Two University of Vir- ginia special' education professors, Dr. Eleanor Westhead, Ph. Great service by our good-looking help. Try Us and See Mary L. Par sick manager Mayflower Apts. Carvil, a graduate of Kempsville High School, was a member of the home- coming court last weekend at the Uni- versity of Richmond. Jane, a sophomore at Westhampton College, is the daugh- ter of Mr. John J. Carvil, Edwin Drive, Virginia Beach.

Earphone included. One button automatic fine tuning. Slim 1 14 s wide angle tube. Walnut gram wood cabinet. Earphone included Terms You are the wife of a minis- ter about to embark on years of living in parsonages, which often are more like goldfish bowls than homes. John H. Jordan Jr. The bazaar is the major fund-raising event spon- sored by the church wom- en headed by Mrs.

Pow- ell Davis. Co-chairmen for the bazaar are Mrs. Baylor Jr. John Underwood. The women also will serve a buffet luncheon from 11 a. Charles Gilliam. Men who stop for the luncheon during their lunch hour will be served im- mediately so they can re- turn to work. Saturday, Nov. Truman is an author- ity, of that there is no doubt. Not only is she the wife of a clergyman but she was a PK. Life in her father's Methodist parsonage caused her to vow she would never marry a min- ister — but she did. And to hear her tell it, she has not regretted a moment of her life with the Rev. Lee Truman, with whom she has shared a number of parson- ages supplied by churches large and small.

Today they are on a special assignment in a new community " where Lutheran, Jewish and Meth- odist congregations share the same building. Truman wrote. She added with emphasis that while "God, not you, has first claim on your husnand's life," a minister is really no different from any other man. He has the same desires for fun, recreation, and, yes, sex, as any other man, she says, and it is up to his wife to see that his life is the way it should be.

A minister's wife has tliree basic tasks, according to Mrs. Truman: 1. She must know what his job is about but never try to perform it for him. She must never forget she is a- member of his congrega- tion, not a member of the clergy, and she should try to be a "devil's advocate" at home. She needs to keep him well balanced by enticing him out once in awhile for a break- fast or lunch "date" or an evening of fun. It is her job to provide interesting meals, to make life at home attractive and to deal with the "tired minister syndrome," "You need to be a very strong person who increases in wisdom and strength every day," Mrs.

Truman advised. The toughest job for the minister's wife, according to this minister's wife, is "learn- ing to love the church peo- ple. Actually, according to Mrs. Truman, a congregation is a cross section of people in gen- eral "with one big plus: they are searching to be better to- morrow than they were yesterday.

Important, too, Mrs. Tru- man has discovered, is the need to understand how the church functions — its organi- zational structure, the people who fill the various jobs, the differences between denomi- national doctrines and con- gregational strictures. It is impossible not to be- come involved to some extent in the lives of the people in the church, who have a way of coming to the door and calling on the telephone. Of utmost importance, she says, is to try to persuade peo- ple with problems to see the minister, who has to learn to try to be all things to all men.

To do this, Mrs. Truman learned by experience, it is necessary to, "keep your head in charge, not your heart. It is an an- cient walled city on a moun- tain top among the rolling hills of Judea and it could be the focal point for future peace or war in the Middle East. It's ancient name is Jerusa- lem, and it's twisting, con- torted, narrow streets are laid on rubble that has been fought over by Israelite, Egyptian, Syrian, Persian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman, Aramaean, European crusader, Ottoman, Jordanian, and now the flag of David flies over it again. It measures 21 acres, and its walls hold places sacred to the world's three monotheis- tic religions — Islam, Juda- ism and Christianity.

Through the centuries it is hard to find anything to cause anyone to think of it as a city of peace or love. On the western wall tnere are a few stones that once were the foundation of the majestic temple built by Herod. Among them there may be a few stones left from the foundations of Solomon's temple. Since the time of the rise of the Byzantine Empire, persons of the Jewish faith have prayed at this wall, in part for the return of the glory of Israel, and their minor key chants and prayers have caused others to dub it the Jewish Wailing Wall.

Arab housing has been bulldozed away so celebrations and prayer can take place there. About A. The early Christians had not chosen to build on the site because Herod's temple was also built on that site and was consid- ered cursed of God. The crusaders in the 11th Century, more zealous than scholarly, converted the mosque to Christian use. They later sanctified their act with the thought that Jesus had been brought to that spot as an infant, He had talked with the Rabbis there as a very young man, and there He had preached and taught, therefore it could not be all bad.

The most singly important spot for Christians on this an- cient hill where Abraham once walked is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Shaken by countless earth- quakes, ransacked, abused and neglected, vandalized by many who held non-Christian views, the propped-up, bat- tered remains of the church do still remain. In this focal point of Chris- tian thought can be seen the polyglot nature of Christian- ity. It is held in trust by the Latin, Greek, Armenian and Coptic churches.

There are 18 chapels inside and the Syri- an and Abyssinian branches of the Christian church also hold services there. To be sure that no one is shown fa- voritism a Moslem family keeps the keys. The major tension is not keys, but rather it is over the reconstruction of the building. What will come to light under a layer of plaster, or behind a slab of marble could give an- other segment of the Christian faith more space.

Despite this, the reconstruction of much of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is nearing completion. The seeds of today's Arab- Israeli enmity were planted when Abraham had two sons, each by a different woman. While each faith holds Abra- ham as their father, the Arabs trace their lineage through Hagar, and for the Jews it is through Sarah. About 44 years later, David's second son by Bath- sheba, Solomon, built a house for the Lord as a permanent dwelling place for the Arc which held the stone tablets.

In A. He allowed a small village to be built on the rubble which he called Aelia Capitolina into which no Jew could ever enter under penalty of being put to death on the spot. In order to do away with the traditional site of Golgotha where Jesus was crucified, Hadrian built a temple for the honor of Venus to stamp out any seed left of this sect called Christianity. Two centuries later the Roman Emperor Constantine had the Church of the Holy Sepulcher built on the foundations of Hadrian's pagan temple.

Then in A. The Holy City was under Moslem control until A. Then soldiers of the first crusade called by Pope Erbin II began the era of conflict re- claiming the land for Chris- tians. In , during the Six -day War, the jubilant Jewish Army stormed and captured the old city for the first time since the sack of Jerusalem in the year 72 A. The same was in the beginning with God.

All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him was life and the life was the life of men. And the light sbin- eth in the darkness and the darkness compre- hended it not. Ywft,AA4Mt P. Up-Hft PJI. William H. Lister Rtctor M4 Independence Blvd. Atlantic PennanontBldf. Virfiaii Beach ' Beach Phone - Do you have dampness???? If so we can elimi- nate your problem with a permanent guaran- tee.

Little Creek Rd. Norfolk, Va. While Congress and the Ford administration hag- gle over the continuation of impact aid, business goes on as usual in Vir- ginia Beach schools. Abernathy said the schools can't assume that the money won't be there. An attempt to prepare for loss of impact aid would bring "almost chaos" to school programming, he said, and chances are that the Impact aid will be ap- proved in the end, although the package might be whit- tled down a bit.

Impact aid, federal assistance given to school systems serving children of military families and, persons employed by the federal government means a lot to Virginia Beach, Abernathy said. But if Congress heeds Ford's urging to cut the federal spending by drop- ping impact aid, Abernathy said the school adminis- tration would "look realis- ically at the budget" and decide which programs must be cut. Cutting the budget in mid-year would be difficult because programs are al- ready started, he said. The program was saved by amendments from Con- grass, although the amount of impact aid has lessen- ed.

There are two types of impact aid, Abernathy re- ported. The first category, for children living on fed- eral property, does not af- fect the school system. The second type, for youngsters whose parents work for the federal gov- ernment but who do not live on government property, makes up the bulk of the Beach share of impact aid. Park free, Motoramp garage. Main St. Joan Treacy, a research specialist for the Virginia Youth Services Division and a member of the commission, told 30 jun- ior and senior high school students serving on the Beach Youth Council that Gov.

Mills Godwin is in- terested in its activities because it is the only one in the state. Treacy was one of four guest speakers at the group's session. Approximately half of the students, representing 14 Beach schools, are newly- appointed. The students are select- ed by guidance counselors and principals, according to Willa Duffield, council coordinator and adminis- trative aide to Mayor Cur- tis Payne.

Duffield is one of four adults on the council. Other advisors are Thom- as Garrow, social studies supervisor for the schools; Dan Morgan, science supervisor, and Russell Rucks, manager of the Vir- ginia Employment Com- mission. The group started out as an adult board, Mrs.

Duf- fild reported, but last year the city decided that the best representatives of youth would be young peo- ple themselves. Students manned the board last year, and end- ed their terms on a note of success. The council initiated a "dialing for jobs" project under Rucks' direction in an effort. Duffield reported, with jobs, and the project was also first in the nation. The orientation meeting : Thursday featured Del.

Brickell, Rucks and Mrs. Treacy as guest speakers. Rhodes invited the stu- dents to Richmond to at- tend a General Assembly session and to sit in on committee hearings. Brickell urged the stu- dents to accept responsi- bility and leadership as members of the program. Parents and school prin- cipals also attended the orientation meeting. The council will line up work projects for the com- ing year at its next meet- ing.

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The object of this suit is to obtain a divorce from the bonds of matrimony from the said defendant upon the grounds of two years separation. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the de- of the State of Virginia, the last known post office address being: Melish Avenue, Cincinatti, Ohio it is ordered that she do ap- pear here within ten 10 days after due publication hereof, and do what may, be necessary to protect her interest in this suit.

The object of this suit is to obtain a divorce a men- sa et tboro from the said defendant, upon the grounds of desertion, And an affidavit having been made and filed that the de- fendant is a non-resident of the State of Virginia, her last kown post office address being: Low- den Point Road, Rochester New York it is or- dered that she do appear here within ten 10 days after due publication here- of, and do what may be necessary to protect her interest in this suit. Larry Arron Williams, Defendant.

The object of this suit Is to obtain a divorce A Mensa Et Tboro from the said defendant, upon the grounds of desertion. Williams, Rt. The object of this suit is to obtain a divorce a mensa et thoro from the said defendant, to be later merged into a divorce ai vindulo matrimonii, on the grounds of desertion. And an affidavit having been and filed that the defen- dant is a non-resident of the State of Virginia, his last known post office ad- dress being: Gay- land Court, Nashville, Ten- nessee it is ordered that he do appear here with- in ten 10 days after due publication hereof, and do what may be necessary to protect his interest in this suit.

Portsmouth, Va. OBER, Teste: John V. The object of this suit is to obtain a divorce an absolute divorce from the said defendant, upon the grounds of desertion. And an affidavit having been made and filed that due diligence has been used by or in behalf of the Com- plainant to ascertain in which county or cor- poration the defendant is, without effect, the last known post office address being: Bayberry St. Shirley A. Nawgbaraocha, against 'Joel O. Nwagbaraocha, Defendant. The object of this suit is to obtain a divorce Vin- culo Matrimonii from the said defendant, upon the grounds of a 2 year sep- aration.

And an affidavit having been made and filed that the de- fendant is a non-resident of the State of Virginia, the last known post office address being: Waterside Towers, 6th Street, S. Brenda Kay Clark, Plaintiff, against Frederick Bernard Clark, m, Defendant The object of this suit is to obtain a divorce a mensa et thoro to be later merged into a decree of divorce a vinculo from the said defendant.

And an affidavit having been made and filed that the de- fendant is a non-resident of the State of Virginia, his last known post office ad- dress being: P. Box , Bay Minette, Alabama, it is ordered that be do appear here within ten 10 days after due pub- lication hereof, anddowht may be necessary to pro- tect his interest in this suit. In re: Adoption of Barbara D. Bible By: Leland R. Luper, Jr.

Luper, Petitioners, and represented that the object of this proceeding is to ef- fect the adoption of the above named infant, Bar- bara D. Bible, by Leland R. Luper, husband and wife, and affidavit having been made and filed that George Day Bible, a nat- ural parent of said child, the last known post office address being: unknown. It is therefore Ordered that the said George Day Bible appear before this Court within ten 10 days after publication of this Order and indicate his at- titude toward the proposed- adoption, or otherwise do what is necessary to pro- tect his interest in this matter.

A copy teste: John V. November 12, , and then at said office publicly opened and read aloud. Builders and. Con- tractors Exchange, Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia. Copies may be obtained at the office of Waller and Todd, Architects, Inc. Any bidder, upon returning such set prom- ptly and in good condition, will be refunded his pay- ment. The Owner reserves the right to waive any infor- malities or to reject any or all bids. Each bidder must deposit with his bid, security in the amount, form and sub- ject to the conditions pro- vided in the Information for Bidders No bidder may withdraw his bid within 30 days after the actual date of the open- ing thereof.

Donnie L. The object of this suit is 16 obtain a divorce a mensa et thoro to be merged into divorce a vinculo matri- monii, from the said de- fendant, upon the grounds of desertion. And an affidavit hav- ing been made and filed that the defendant is a non-resident of the State of Virginia, the last known post office address being: N. Hermitage Street, Chicago, Illinois it is ordered that she do appear here within ten 10 days after due publication hereof, and do what may be necessary to protect her interest in this suit.

Carroll G. Clough i Purchasing Agent Nov. Walker P. Walker, a natural par- ent of said child xxx , is a non- resident of the State of Virginia, the last known post office address being. Box , Tigard, Oregon,