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Jitsuichi Yasui, Masayoshi's younger brother and co-founder of Brother, succeeded in developing shuttle hooks, a main component of sewing machines. In , the Yasui brothers successfully introduced the first home sewing machine, made entirely in Japan. Taking the next step towards mass production, the Yasui Brothers Sewing Machine Shop was liquidated on 15 January To develop a broader sales network in Japan and increase its market share, Brother Sales, Ltd. At the request of the Japanese government, Brother exported sewing machines to Shanghai.

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Building on the technology it developed through the manufacturing of sewing machines, Brother started to diversify into other business fields. These include knitting machines, home electrical appliances, and other electronics. In , in an effort to increase exports, Brother International Corporation was established. With the establishment of a sales base in New York in and a production base in Ireland in , Brother actively promoted corporate internationalisation ahead of other Japanese companies.

The period between and was one where Brother gradually established and strengthened its brand. In , the headquarters building was completed in Japan. At the Tokyo Olympic Games, Brother provided typewriters for journalists from abroad, helping greatly improve global recognition of the Brother brand. During the same period, Brother Industries was also listed on the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya stock exchanges. Also, Brother started its move towards the fields of business machines and machine tools.

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In , Brother successfully developed the world's first high-speed dot-matrix printer, a product considered to be the origin of today's printing technology. For its impressive high printing speed, the dot-matrix printer earned Brother widespread acclaim in Japan and abroad. In , Brother developed an electronic typewriter EM-1 for office use that featured daisy wheel printing using a linear pulse motor, and the product soon acquired an excellent reputation.

Following this, Brother released a unique "labelling system" product, based on thermal transfer technologies developed through the production of electronic personal printers and Japanese word processors. In , Brother began the production of facsimile machines, further strengthening the company's position in the information and communications equipment field.

Among many of the fans who gathered on Monday and Tuesday in the Los Angeles area, any mention of the documentary was met with reflexive dismissal.

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  5. She makes it all herself. Wolf, who was wearing a blue-sequined jacket. Elizabeth Harris is a culture reporter. A Times reporter since , she has covered education, retail companies for the business section, real estate and New York politics. For example, Operating systems with "legacy support" can detect and use older hardware. The term may also be used to refer to a business function; e. A software or hardware vendor that is supporting, or providing software maintenance , for older products. A "legacy" product may be a product that is no longer sold, has lost substantial market share, or is a version of a product that is not current.

    A legacy product may have some advantage over a modern product making it appealing for customers to keep it around. A product is only truly "obsolete" if it has an advantage to nobody — if no person making a rational decision would choose to acquire it new.

    The term "legacy mode" often refers specifically to backward compatibility. A software product that is capable of performing as though it were a previous version of itself, is said to be "running in legacy mode. The computer mainframe era saw many applications running in legacy mode.


    In the modern business computing environment, n-tier , or 3-tier architectures are more difficult to place into legacy mode as they include many components making up a single system. Virtualization technology is a recent innovation allowing legacy systems to continue to operate on modern hardware by running older operating systems and browsers on a software system that emulates legacy hardware.

    Programmers have borrowed the term brownfield from the construction industry, where previously developed land often polluted and abandoned is described as brownfield. There is an alternate favorable opinion — growing since the end of the Dotcom bubble in — that legacy systems are simply computer systems in working use:. IT analysts estimate that the cost of replacing business logic is about five times that of reuse, [ citation needed ] even discounting the risk of system failures and security breaches.

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    The IT industry is responding with "legacy modernization" and "legacy transformation": refurbishing existing business logic with new user interfaces, sometimes using screen scraping and service-enabled access through web services. This trend also invites reflection on what makes legacy systems so durable. Technologists are relearning the importance of sound architecture from the start, to avoid costly and risky rewrites.

    The most common legacy systems tend to be those which embraced well-known IT architectural principles, with careful planning and strict methodology during implementation. Poorly designed systems often don't last, both because they wear out and because their inherent faults invite replacement. Thus, many organizations are rediscovering the value of both their legacy systems and the theoretical underpinnings of those systems.

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    This article is based on material taken from the Free On-line Dictionary of Computing prior to 1 November and incorporated under the "relicensing" terms of the GFDL , version 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved June 22, Computer Weekly.