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Le parole di Marina Gasparini sono di un tipo particolare: alcune sono fatte di filo, perfettamente in linea con quanto abbiamo detto; altre stanno sugli oggetti, intorno agli oggetti, dentro e fuori gli oggetti. Altre ancora sono semplicemente esse stesse fili, fili morbidi che passano attraverso i forellini dei recipienti di ceramica, decorando la materia bianca come la pagina di carta.

Creativity is intelligence having fun!

Le parole stanno sugli oggetti, intorno agli oggetti e raccontano pro-getti gettati in avanti nel futuro. Nascita di bambini, nascita di idee. Il filo della vita. Il filo dei pensieri e il filo della storia. Il filo della memoria e il filo del ragio-namento. Trovare il filo, seguire il filo, perdere il filo. Fare il filo alle ragazze. Si chiamava Dedalo. Scientifica come artistica, ma qui ci soffermeremo sulla creazione artistica dato il contesto della mostra.

In the beginning, there was the thread, the thread of reason, or logos, the thread of thought, of discussion; imaginary, metaphorical threads. But there was also another thread in the beginning, the thread-seed-sperm this is what sperma means in ancient Greek , which is also the thread of life in its earliest budding. Unfurling and curling up, like snakes, threads are spun and articulated, giving rise to words; words placed one after the other give rise to the line from linum, the linen thread or yarn.

Just what do words and sentences and lines tell us? They tell us of the material world and of im-material ideas. They speak to us of things and objects — particularly objects, those solid things that are thrown in front of you from the Latin ob-jectum and which get in your way and clutter you up and which you have to come to terms with. Yet others are simply threads themsel-ves, soft threads passing through the little holes of ceramic containers, de-corating the white of paper pages.

Words lie on objects, around objects, also telling of projects cast forward into the futureThere are sciences and discipline of the beginning, like architecture, and stories of the beginning, like all the stories of birth. The birth of children, and of ideas. The thread of life. The thread of thoughts and the thread of history. The thread of memory and the thread of reasoning. Finding the thread, following the thread, losing the thread. The thread of a screw or a bolt. Our lives hanging by a thread. The thread of linen is the line, as mentioned before, and the line is the trace of writing like an online discussion and the intertwining of lines gives rise to a web and net.

In the beginning, there was textura but also tectura, in fact tectura first of all, as in archi-tectura. There was also an architect who was no less than the first architect, an ar-chi-architect.

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His name was Daedalus. And there was a myth which was the first and most ancient, the most archaic myth of all of Greek mythology: the myth of the labyrinth built by Daedalus. It may be scientific or artistic, but here we shall focus on artistic creation, given the exhibition context.

The idea of creativity dates back to the Renaissance; it was then to explode in the culture of the enlightenment and is defined in the modern-day acceptation only in the 19th century, right up to the idolatry cult that today is bestowed upon it. The image of the thread is everywhere we turn, from the Old Testament to the Iliad and the Odyssey, right up to the modern age of computers. Given the constancy and the sense of the experience of threading and weaving threads, it should come as no surprise that also philosophical thought has drawn on it for inspiration in order to try to understand and express the act of creation and of creativity in reflecting and philosophising.

Just consider the preponderant female presence in the history of creativity, linked to three characters with such similar names: Ananke, Arachne and Ariadne. Let us return to the thread, the thread of creativity and mobility, agile and flexible, ductile, malleable, soft, airy and free, not yet bound by the taut frame of the loom, of the selvage or at any rate of the imposed shape.

And how could we overlook its usabili-ty even now, especially now, when rigidly trenched models of thought and action come up against powerful limits and seem to have reached the end of the line, in ecology, economics, technology, culture, science, society and even in our own private lives? Will it perhaps be the thread that helps us to win the challenge of a free and floating creative thought, of a dynamic, soft, agile and colourful action, to be deployed like the thread of a skein to put together — both in abstract and concrete terms — works like those by Marina Gasparini?

Knitting for Breakfast – L'antica tradizione del lavoro a maglia portata ai giorni nostri.

The words of the epigraph are painted on a panel above one of the entrances to the room in the Museo Civico in Modena which, in , Luigi Alberto Gandini had prepared and decorated in order to house his huge collection of textile fragments, which over the years he had compiled and then donated to the public. Such a domestic vision of the economy, claiming back its roots from the Greek oikos home, but also family heritage and restating its innate connection with work, manual labour, the transformation of materials, of matter and territory.

Cotton threads hang from the iron chains suspended across the room, bene-ath the vaults, depicting numerous varieties of plants, their exemplary aspect reflecting the miniatures to be found in medieval and renaissance herbaria, or taken from the 16th-century hortussiccus by Ulisse Aldrovandi and mira-culously restored, if not to life, to the softness and measure of their original forms.

In their ghostly appearance, which allows the eye to cross the entire room without coming up against obstacles — a gaze which seems to allude to the diachronic cut of the collection itself, with almost a complete millennium of textile history — the hanging plants converse with the fabric samples lying in-side the vitrines, of which the precious chromatic qualities are created than-ks to the pigments extracted from the leaves and stems of those plants.

Economics being essentially a system of relationships, interdependence, mutual exchange, conditions and actions that the thread has always symbo-lically summed up, as explained elsewhere in this publication by Francesca Rigotti. A form of nature which, being humanised, ultimately cannot deny its be-coming landscape, a key element of our everyday lives, and a backdrop to many of the scenes on which we cast our gaze.

This aspect is addressed more clearly by the great fabric book which completes the installation, the pages of which feature images along with quotes from renowned economists like Bernardo Davanzati and Stuart Mill. Normally, language is systematized by categorizing perceptions of the world. To be honest, her ideas, which seemed like word games, sometimes lost me when we discussed them.

That was an interesting and original process. But her true charm resides in her craft-work. Her free flying and conceptually unbound thoughts were, by sewing, knitting and hardening the material by hand, almost unconsciously arranged. The two dimensions — text and textile — and her style of going back and forth between those words kept her thread hearth exhibition space full of free inspiration and the warmth of hand craft-work. Speriamo che finisca allo stesso modo. Un vero tesoro! Faccio un salto nel passato e inizio a sfogliarle….

Quanti nuovi spunti da queste antiche e preziose pagine! Speriamo possa darvi uno spunto per abbellire i vostri lavori, a breve nuovi punti! Il mio primo lavoro a maglia l'ho fatto a 8 anni! Era una piccola copertina per la culla di mia sorella Fabia che stava per nascere. Un semplice rettangolo di maglia rasata, con qualche piccolo difetto ma tanto tanto amore!

Sono regali davvero preziosi, unici, da conservare tutta la vita e sono sempre apprezzatissimi!

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Una volta si usava molto fare questo tipo di regali. Ora la vita frenetica, e la mancanza di tempo, non sempre lo permettono. Per dare una sensazione di comfort e morbidezza abbiamo pensato alle onde del mare e al loro dolce, rilassante e avvolgente cullare. Pensi ad una cosa per molto tempo e poi… ecco che un giorno succede! Siamo Alessia e Fabia, due sorelle con la passione per il knitting.

Era praticata da tutti, anche dai bambini e dagli uomini. Ma in particolare le donne, mi raccontava mia nonna, lavoravano incessantemente ai ferri, anche camminando per strada, mentre si recavano a fare il turno in fabbrica. La nostra passione e la voglia di condividere i progetti e le idee ci hanno portato a curiosare nel web e con i moderni mezzi di comunicazione abbiamo conosciuto persone, anche molto lontane, che come noi amano questo mondo e che sono una costante fonte di nuovi spunti e stimoli.

Fiori, foglie, alberi e montagne ispirano le forme e i colori dei nostri modelli. E' un blog che racconta e documenta esperimenti e disavventure di knitting e uncinetto. Vai al contenuto. Buon knitting!

guanti all'uncinetto prima parte

Ripetere le azioni dal punto 2. Speriamo di esservi state utili! Master of Art for furnishing and for the decoration of churches, this is the qualification of the Milanese artist once out of the Fra Angelico Art Institute of Milan. After Brera and a Masters in Multimedia at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam, the artist channelled his creativity in the most varied and surprising modes and times. Equally varied are the fields frequented and the techniques employed.

This is neither art, nor clothing, rather mutability translated into knitting, in constant oscillation between one world and another. Crocheting, as a three-dimensional sculptured soul, so, like a promoter of the slowness of thought and explorer of the metaphors inherent in the latter. His is a work in progress, which began with a knitting stitch and grew following unexpected directions. Even imperfection is incorporated into the whole, a whole that he happily welcomes and learns from.

In his hands, even felt gains a conscience and returns the freedom to little aliens with flower eyes, enormous ears, long braids, horns and beautiful colours in a trap. Finally free to do somersaults and jump about, these little inhabitants of distant worlds, and in the imagination of all of us, come to life, making us feel less alone. Altrettanto svariati sono gli ambiti frequentati e le tecniche impiegate. Finalmente liberi di improvvisare capriole e saltelli, questi piccoli abitanti di mondi lontani e della fantasia di ognuno di noi prendono vita, facendoci sentire meno soli.

The right opportunity to shape the collection was provided by the discovery of a new generation of rappers who have left out the attitudes of the ghetto and who, above all, show no traces of anachronistic homophobia. The fundamental aspect of the wardrobe designed by Rene Gurskov is this fusion of tenderness and hard streetwear.

And the accessories?

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  6. Nothing could be simpler: sweet knitted teddy bears. Added to this mixture of asphalt and love is a silver track suit, in honour of the disco vocation of the brand. Moreover, in the words of the designer, it is from music that every Rene Gurskov collection is born. Rene Gurskov explores the tenderness of streetwear. Rene Gurskov esplora la tenerezza dello streetwear. E gli accessori? Si aggrega a questa mescolanza di asfalto e amore una tuta ginnica argentata, in onore alla vocazione disco del marchio.

    Season after season, the English designer of the new generation more pampered by international press he had not even had time to get out of Central Saint Martin Martin School of Art and Design in London, before he was snapped up by Donatella Versace and sought after by the best buyers in the world, has confirmed the success of his namesake label founded in together with his sister Tammy. The dominant colours are black and purple, combined with a mutant spotted pattern, undecided between leopard and rattlesnake.

    Always at the forefront of research into materials, the designer relaunches chenille in a 3D effect. There is nothing else for it, therefore, than to succumb to the abominable allure I colori dominanti sono il nero e il viola, abbinati ad un maculato mutante, indeciso fra leopardo e serpente a sonagli.

    After the launch in Berlin in , the Odeeh brand happily landed on the catwalks of Paris. In the creations for women by Odeeh you notice a perfect balance between shapes and proportions, achieved through contrasting effects and bold combinations of materials and different patterns. The linear silhouettes of the dresses, just above the knee, are slashed by deep slits that add a touch of sex appeal.

    The highlight is the scarf, with abstract patterns, backgrounds and blocks of colour in shades of tangerine, saffron, bottle green, a perfect synthesis of the graphic expressiveness of the entire collection. Nelle creazioni donna di Odeeh si nota un perfetto equilibrio tra forme e proporzioni, raggiunto attraverso un gioco di contrasti e audaci accostamenti di materiali, e pattern diversi. Le silhouettes lineari degli abiti, appena sopra al ginocchio, sono rotte da profondi spacchi che aggiungono una nota di sex appeal.

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    Transforming solutions and sculptures to wear in the newest Marios collection. Soluzioni trasformiste e sculture da indossare nella nuova collezione Marios. For new fabrics, new combinations, the balance between aesthetics and fit, asymmetries, mutation. In a word, Marios, the love for experimentation in a brand.

    Gettare le coperte per la casa intera per uncinetto-Crochet Patterns per tappeti (Italian Edition)

    Founded in Japan in , Marios now has headquarters in Milan. The two creative minds, Mayo Loizou from Cyprus, and Leszek Chmielewski, from Poland, have the wonderful habit of collaborating with many artists in different fields of fashion. The hunt for new fabrics leads the Marios designers to create pleated skirts, trench coats and trousers in Laminated Fabric, a fabric with a light consistency, which is both waterproof and highly resistant that shines and reflects, and was originally used to cover aircraft after flight. Placed alongside the felted wool that could not be more traditional, and the result is perfect.

    Other original solutions are with a waterwashable Japanese-created faux leather, which is used to make soft, sinuous pullovers and skirts. Ebooks and Manuals

    And then Nikita tweed, Merino wool and fine jersey. All going together to compose a symphony of parts that change into other pieces: a shawl comes from a sleeve that was previously a gilet, an evening dress from a oversized T-shirt. Klein blue and antique pink stand out in the palette. A capsule collection of 10 pieces for the historic shirtmaker, Lorenzini and three Iceland Scarves with photos of Giovanna Silva complete the collection. Nato in Giappone nel , Marios ha oggi sede a Milano. Le due menti creative, Mayo Loizou da Cipro e Leszek Chmielewski, polacco, hanno la magnifica abitudine di collaborare con molti artisti in ambiti diversi dalla moda.

    E poi tweed Nikita, lana Merinos e fine jersey. Tutti insieme per comporre una sinfonia di pezzi che mutano in altri pezzi: uno scialle nasce da una manica che prima era un gilet, un abito da sera da una T-shirt oversize. Una capsule collection di 10 pezzi per la storica camiceria Lorenzini e tre iceland Scarves con foto di Giovanna Silva completano la collezione.

    Collective identity in jeans, as the first unisex garment, workwear and therefore an iconic symbol of rebellion, individual identity that has made them so special to our lives together, flexible enough as to be easily customisable. And this year they are celebrating their th anniversary with a series of projects and transversal initiatives, just as the style of this garment is transverse and unique.

    The finest fabrics, wider pockets to accommodate the latest generation of smartphones and new versions of belt-loops, lengths and turn-ups, all without touching the original spirit of the model while keeping the care of them, craftsmanship and attention to detail unchanged. Here is told of an ancient people, the cradle of culture and wisdom, whose devotion to the past never ceases to amaze.

    Here is told of a girl who descends from those people, whose young age did not prevent her from thinking big and realising her dreams. We are talking about Na Di, born in China in , and creator of the menswear brand that bears her name. The lines are perfect, classic; and the more traditional British Gentleman will not find anything to laugh about.

    The creativity of Na Di explodes in the contrast between this conception of menswear and prints that enliven it: floral motifs from traditional Chinese painting, done by her artist friends, come together with a pattern that brings the ancient armour of the Tang Dynasty to the tops. Not only China, though. The influence of Hip Hop music is very strong, as the colourful caps show, and Na Di herself has declared the intention to express through the magic of the combinations, the fusion between the historical and artistic aspect of Asia and the culture and customs of the West.

    Qui si narra di un antico popolo, culla di cultura e saggezza, la cui devozione al passato non smette di stupire. Parliamo di Na Di, nata in Cina nel , e creatrice del marchio di menswear che porta il suo nome. Regain: an auspicious name for the historic brand that today looks out on the street scene, ready to gain new support. Regain: un nome propizio per lo storico marchio che si affaccia oggi al panorama street, pronto a guadagnare nuovi consensi. Water resistant to 60m and equipped with flat lens for professional underwater shooting.

    GoPro distrib. Impermeabile fino a 60m e dotata di lente piatta per riprese subacque professionali.