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TinyMCE and Moodle's file manager aren't really appropriate for this kind of thing. Very cool. I had a look at the demo and the code and was intrigued as to how you created the tests. Where did you get the information from or is it a matter of learn from existing implementations? Also, I notice the manual use of 'moodledata' so thought that the plugin could use the same strategy as the 'folder' module in terms of having a 'folder' for each instance containing the presentation files. I then looked at the 'folder' backup code and could not figure for the life of me how it worked in terms of storing the files contained within it - black art?

The very cool part is by this guy who came up with reveal. The moodledata workaround is to get away from Moodle file manager's rather difficult to manage path naming. Here's the rationale:. If Hakim reveal. Thank you for your lengthy response - a lot to digest.

I can sort of understand the reasons behind using 'moodledata' and on the flip side could envisage the expression on the faces of the users when saying the word 'ftp' - it would be total 'fear'! So, therefore the question is really on the technical level of ability required to create the presentations in the first place. If that is the same as using FTP then no problem. However if there are authoring tools out there then another solution would need to be found. I know the file manger can be difficult, but I have managed using Petr Skodak's code to add font file serving with suitable fetch URL's to Moodle to get it from locations in themes and seen how the image file serving code can be employed with images stored in the file manager with the Grid format.

So might be a solution by examining that sort of thing.

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Yes, I don't really envisage anyone but the more tech savvy actually creating and uploading content for this. Probably more a case of teachers, instructors, lecturers, content developers handing over documents, PPTs, etc. My SWF Activity Module works along similar lines and so I'm thinking of putting together some introductory courses to get people started on them. I couldn't find any documentation on that part and it didn't seem to interfere with anything so I left it in to look at it later.

Can you point me towards any documentation for it? It'd be nice to have an overview of what it actually does from a user's point of view too. RE: tests - I was asking you! I have no idea where the documentation is either, will have to do a search. There are other usages with the tests directory explained here. Enabling the teacher create a presentation and when it's done And saved.

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Yes, I thought about this option. Users wouldn't be able to transport their presentations on a USB drive, plug it into a computer and open the presentation in a browser, as they currently do with PPT and Flash. In order to be a viable alternative to PPT and Flash, it must be capable of displaying under the same common usage conditions and situations. One big advantage that reveal.

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It's OK for Moodle pages more often than not but the inconsistencies e. BTW , Strut is for editing impress. There is an editor for reveal. Could be a useful tool for learning to create presentations though. How about using the "cloud" Yes, content authors can use any 3rd party editor or service to create slideshows on editey, slid. Also, there's nothing to stop authors from hot-linking to media files anywhere on the web.

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A case in point for the portability issue, I've just come back from a Ph. D proposal presentation in a meeting room at the University of Toronto where there was no internet access available to the presenter They didn't have the WiFi password for that building and the user account on the PC didn't allow internet access.

Another case, at a SIG in the University of Guelph a week ago, the same thing happened at the meeting room there - no internet access. I think it's really important for presentations to be able to run on minimal equipment with minimal resources, e. A standalone version of reveal.

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Admittedly, the editing part looks pretty daunting to someone who's never written HTML before and it's easy to make mistakes. Thank you for your detailed suggestions. I do remember the time when internet connection was fluctuating Google drive keeps getting better.

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I wonder when they add Impress. I saw your module and i intergrated in my moodle.

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Module working is good and display page also fine but i need edit html contents? How can i edit html content as revealjs module in moodle?? I have no idea Matt how it would work, I'm not a php coder but can only guess you'd need to hook into the Moodle system in a way the 'File' activity does. A thought not tested. I've just updated the Presentation module to work in Moodle 2. It now supports text-to-speech via a 3rd party JS API and synchronised audio, as well as a bunch of other features.

Personally, I wouldn't use text-to-speech in a finished presentation but it's great as an ad-hoc development tool to get an idea of what it'd sound like before making the final recordings. Skip to main content. You are currently using guest access Log in. Search forums. Display mode Display replies flat, with oldest first Display replies flat, with newest first Display replies in threaded form Display replies in nested form.

This discussion has been locked so you can no longer reply to it. Let video presentations do the talking for you. The good news? The great news? You can finish before dinner and still have time to watch cat videos on YouTube, because Biteable makes it easy to create video presentations in a flash. All you need is a topic. With a huge range of templates and animation to choose from, the hardest part will be getting people to believe you made it yourself.

Play around in our video editor for as long as you want and make as many videos as you like. Upload them to your social media feeds, send them to your team, watch them in bed. I love this tool! It allows me to create professional animations fast, without having to use After Effects. Browse our library for scenes, add your text and logo, and customise the colors to suit your brand. Although you could walk away now with stunning video presentations, it never hurts to dig a bit deeper and really make your video presentation stand out.

The best tips are still to come. The best way to do this is to keep your core message simple. Sit down before you start editing and dilute your main point into a single sentence. Work out what information your audience will find useful and interesting, and cut everything else. Begin your video with a catchy introduction that sums everything up in a nutshell and add a similarly pithy outro at the end.

Just saying.

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For example, if you have two lines of text and one is much longer than the other, it can appear awkward and badly designed. Also, make sure you proof your text. Poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation will undermine your professionalism. What sort of video presentation do you want to make?