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Take the time to reflect on your business, get clear about what is working and what isn't, detox your own business by cleaning your office space, your computer laptop I know I always have tonnes of files sitting on my desktop screen that really need to be properly filed , reorganise your leads, your budget, get clear on your business's future needs.

Ramadan Prep Guide for Busy People | Part 2: Planning and Hitting Ambitious Goals Easily

In Ramadan its a time for Muslims to reconnect with their faith and their core values. You can do the same aswell. Get clear about your core business values again. Sometimes during the year I know these values can get blurry particularly if you are super busy and starting to spread thin. Ramadan is also great time to learn, articulate and understand a lot of the key knowledge you have learnt over the passed few months and get that material ready to use in your business, with colleagues, co-workers or even family.

So just taking the month to detox your business, reset your business intentions and knowing your path will really revive your energy levels and get you ready to take on the world again.

Webinar: Nutrition, Fitness & Sleep in Ramadan For High Energy & Productivity - Part 1

Opportunity to slow the pace down. How many of you are doing long days?

2. Plan a healthy diet

Possible more than you've ever done when you compare it to your previous career you may have had. A lot of the long hours is because we love what we do and time has little meaning when you get to spend the day doing what you love. However, there are times when we need to slow down or even take a break.

Its not healthy to be constantly in active mode. We do get tired and grubby when all our engines have been depleted, well I know I do anyway. So with Ramadan, lies the opportunity to slow the pace down. Take your foot off the gas and don't rush.

Fuel – The first day of Ramadan | Think Productive UK

Yes we need to get a lot done with leads to funnel and sales to close but with an opportunity to reflect and reassess your energy levels why not take the time to slow things down a bit. Slowing things down destresses us too. Feeling more relaxed and less stressed does wonders for our productivity and helping us get clear about what we want to achieve. Ramadan is also about reconnecting with your family and friends so use the time to reconnect with family and friends and people you've been wanting to connect with for a while but haven't. I did this recently. I set up a meeting with an old colleague in Dubai who I hadn't seen in 18 months and it was awesome.

We shared, chatted and brainstormed and more than likely will do some collaborations soon too. Opportunity to look at working 'on' the business. How many of you work 'in' your business as opposed to work 'on' your business? Its interesting to get clear on this as it can help you map where you are going and how your business is going to get you there.

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My husband suffers a bit from this issue. He's a strategy and detail man but sometimes he can gets so caught up in the detail that I need to tell him to come to the surface again because we need to work on the strategy.

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He recognises his blindness quickly and realigns himself with our strategy objectives. Its all very easily done and can sneak up on you subconsciously.

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I think a lot of us do it so Ramadan is an awesome time to reconnect with your 'Why' of the business. Your 'values' of the business. Where you are now and where you are going. We can plan as best we can but we all know that a lot of the time its guess work but knowing your why, your values or your potential direction is more about being clear and having clarity so use the holy month of Ramadan to take a step back from your business and look at the bigger picture. Muslims in the U.

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In fact, the fastest-growing segment of converts in the U. Islam is much more mainstream in the U. In order to collect some anecdotal data on what Muslims experience in U. Here they are:. Do you sometimes wonder why your Muslim co-worker isn't fasting? The number one concern that was raised to me was around female "issues. There are two scenarios in which Muslim women do not fast: during menses or post-partum bleeding. Many women recounted embarrassing stories of male co-workers blurting, "Wait, I thought you were fasting?!

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Also, some people cannot fast due to medical issues such as diabetes, pregnancy, or breastfeeding; if a person is chronically ill, they pay a certain amount to charity in lieu of fasting. We also don't fast when we travel, so business trips are another valid reason. These scenarios are more optional and up to our own discretion, but whatever fasts we miss must be made up after Ramadan. As I write this, I cannot believe how quickly the last few days have passed.

I've been Muslim 15 years and there are a lot of nostalgic family traditions associated with Ramadan: eating certain foods, praying together at home, feeding the poor, et cetera. We grow in our spirituality and in our family relations. Why do I mention this? Because condescending jokes in the office about Ramadan are never funny. It warms my heart that nearly every year my co-workers send me Happy Ramadan e-cards. Some Muslims only practice the religion during the month of Ramadan and others stick to Islam's principles throughout the year.

Employers should simply make an effort to treat each employee's individual needs. Just because one person works a modified schedule to allow more time for evening mosque doesn't mean that other Muslim employees want the same. Furthermore, fasting is harder for some than others. I have friends that look super energetic even in the final hour before breaking fast at night, and others who are super grouchy. Just as my co-workers take a lot of vacation during the holidays and produce less--hosting parties and planning family events during work--so will your Muslim employees during Ramadan.

In most Muslim countries, employees work half-days the entire month and are paid as if they worked full-time.