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While some delegates criticised aspects of the Assured Breeders scheme, it was agreed that there should be a high standard for breeders to aspire to, and puppy seekers should be guided to only choose pups from this type of source. J ust as celebrities have boosted the popularity of breeds like Pugs and French Bulldogs, so celebrities should be recruited to highlight the health issues linked to these breeds, and to stress the importance of buying specimens from optimal backgrounds that have been health tested.

The British Veterinary Association has also endorsed this approach, as have many animal welfare charities. T he symposium welcomed the announcement by DEFRA last week that breeders of puppies and kittens who knowingly produce animals with genetic defects, such as Pugs or French Bulldogs that cannot breathe properly, will be liable for prosecution under animal welfare legislation.

D espite many positive actions taken in recent years by the Kennel Club, delegates felt that the organisation could still do much more to address the issue. Helpful steps could include:. While it was recognised that many unhealthy dogs are produced by breeders outwith the control of the Kennel Club, it was still felt that the organisation is seen as a key opinion leader and influencer.

Focus on good health should be the prime goal of the organisation: cosmetic details like coat colour and breed purity should be disregarded and health-improving ideas like out-crossing should become possibilities. The overall view was that the best way forwards is for everyone to work together to improve the welfare of these animals, with the proviso that if progress is not made, there will be a stronger case to concede to those who wish to ban certain breeds completely.

We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph Lifestyle Pets News and features. Method 1: Banning breeds with serious health issues? Method 2: Taking formal steps to improve the health of flat faced breeds? Five health tests are specified, on various aspects of Pug health known to be troubling. Why campaigners believe neither of the above will work B oth of the above methods may look initially appealing to those who have proposed them, but each has serious faults.

A third way, combining multiple measures to improve dog health T he third approach - perhaps the most realistic way - was discussed yesterday at a symposium at the University of Surrey organised by the Dog Breeding Reform Group. The symposium concluded that a multi-pronged approach is needed to stop the suffering of brachycephalic dogs: 1. Compulsory, not voluntary, health schemes for affected breeds I t was suggested that schemes like the Pug Club Health Scheme should become mandatory for all Kennel Club Assured Breeders.

We can only hope that we will look back on this era, wondering why on earth we felt that it was acceptable to create dogs that could not give birth naturally, and that struggled to breathe without surgical intervention.

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We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph Lifestyle Pets News and features. The campaign has been joined by professional bodies including the British Veterinary Association , and many advertisers have responded positively when contacted by campaigners and asked to review their use of such images. Celebrities have also been asked to consider the health of the animals that they include in photoshoots.

Campaigners say that if this law was brought into effect, puppy farms would no longer be able to sell their wares to third parties such as pet shops: the only people allowed to sell puppies would be those who had directly bred them.


It takes much longer for them to learn how and where they should be going potty. This is probably the number one reason people begin to hate their Pug. Their house begins to smell and they lose patience and decide it is easier to just get rid of the little poop machine. Potty training can take up to a year with Pug puppies. It can take as little as a month for your Pug puppy to be house trained, but a lot of patience and love is needed in that time.

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Pugs are very dependent on you and as a result they will always want your attention. Anytime you are home you can expect your little bundle of joy to run after you and want to play with you. This is especially true your Pug is young, as he gets older he will start to calm down and be more of a couch potato. These dogs love you with everything they have and will always be around you.

We love our pug he was hard work to potty train but we did get there. He is so affectionate to all the family he is our lives. But just lately he does not seem to sleep as much and can be under active when we get home, well after our love and cuddles. We are seriously thinking about getting another to keep him company but would love some advise before we take on another.

Would hate to pot out for another pet we would bond with if he would reject. Any advise would be appreciated. Getting another pug would be great. If you are worried about your pug rejecting a new pug to the family, you could bring him with you for them to meet before you really bring another home.

Love is suffocating

I have 3 pugs and they all get along very well. I too watch them on my webcam when I am not home and they all cuddle and sleep together on the couch preciously.

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I used to have 2 pugs who were actually brothers. We live in Arizona and it gets pretty hot here.

The pugs I had lived outside and they both did just fine. We gave em showers and everything. These guys were really energetic actually. They loved going on walks. Their mom and dad lived with my aunt and uncle…this family of pugs were very energetic. I am hopeless. We have a pug that is 3 years old. I have never been able to train her to potty on the pad I work outside the home-and she is ruining my floors. And she eats her poop! Please help! Such affectionate little pack animals. So many pug meetups that someone will help you or take her whatever you desire! I need advice….

Is it really difficult??